Emerging Technologies to Provide Better Laminated Tube Solutions

Offering portability, convenience and flexibility, a wide range of products are using laminated tubes for packaging their products. This form of packaging is generally used for personal care, cosmetics and beauty products. Manufacturers are also integrating new features including a new design, leak-proof tubes, transparent packaging and are using packaging solutions providing extra protection from changing environmental conditions and increasing shelf-life of the product.

The material used for manufacturing laminated tube depends upon the chemical property of the product. Hence, Plastic Barrier Laminate (PBL) is used for skin and hair care products, while Aluminum Barrier Laminate (ABL) is used for some special products. Manufacturers are focusing on developing laminated tubes for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products due to the rising demand.

According to the latest report from Future Market Insights (FMI), in terms of the end user, oral care is anticipated to exceed 45% market share during 2017-2027. It is also expected to gain 120 basis points in 2027. The oral care is projected to reach $1,371.3 million by 2027 end, registering 13.5% CAGR between 2017 and 2027.

The laminated tubes market is expected to witness growth in MEA, APEJ and Latin America market, owing to the rising consumer demand for hair and skin care products. Moreover, the cosmetic segment in laminated tubes market in Latin America is estimated to reach $41.6 million by 2027 end, increasing to 12.2% CAGR. While, a cosmetic segment in APEJ laminated tubes market is projected to gain $133.1 million by 2027 end, registering 17.4% CAGR during 2017-2027.

New technologies to provide better laminated tube packaging solution

New laminate tubes being developed by manufacturers are using modern technologies to produce laminated tubes providing space for graphics, content and decoration or design of the brand. Manufacturers are also focusing on producing reduced absorption packaging to protect fragrance and flavor, using materials providing air, moisture and light barrier, developing aluminum laminated tubes with look and feel of plastic.

Companies are also using modern technologies for the flexible production of laminated tubes. The extrusion system and the equipment used for production must offer flexibility. Companies are using smart solution to produce laminated tubes. Moreover, in some of the laminated tubes, the inner layer of the tube is made using recycled material which does not come in contact with the product inside the tube.

Innovation in hair and skin care packaging products continue to evolve. For instance, Albea Group in partnership with L’Oreal group has developed special laminated tubes for its permanent hair color. Similarly, Essel Propack has produced a laminated tube known as Mystik, for its hair color product packaging.

The see-through laminated tubes are also gaining popularity offering the view of the product inside the package, thereby creating transparency. 360° printed laminated tubes are opening new opportunities for designing the tubes and making them more attractive. To make it more easy to use and convenient for customers, manufacturers are producing pump tubes to make it easy to dispense the product. These pump tubes are used in case of fixed dose, which requires a certain amount of product to be used.

A sample of this report is available upon request @ https://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/sample/rep-gb-4301

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