Strategic Partnerships & Expansion of Fleet to Fuel Growth of Yacht Charter Market

Yacht Charter Market

Increasing number of rental yachts, rising online yacht service suppliers, technological advancements as well as increasing promotional events with regards to showcasing yachts are the major factors that are contributing significantly towards the growth of yacht charter market across the globe. Increasing number of sailing holidays especially amongst the youngsters has been driving the production sales of yacht charter on a larger basis.

A well-known research company has come up with certain facts as well figures with regards to the report on yacht charter market. The report so far has delivered that the yacht charter market will be growing at a steady pace by 5.1% CAGR over the projection period 2017-2027. Also, the yacht charter market are expected to reach an estimation of nearly US$ 17Bn by the end of 2027. Apart from all this, the most important companies operating in the yacht charter market include Zizooboats GmbH, Fraser Escape Bareboat Charters, Sailogy SA, TUI Group, Collaborative Boating Inc, Boatbookings (Enitiative biz, Ltd) and Princess Yacht Charter amongst others.

The aforesaid companies are likely to witness a notable growth in the coming years across the globe, which will be positively impacting the expansion of yacht charter market. Leading players and manufacturers will be driving their focus on developing strategies that would be beneficial for the expansion of yacht charter market on a larger basis, which includes advancement, innovation and growth of product portfolio.

TUI Group Expands its Cruise Fleet Presence in UK & Germany

The leading companies with the manufacturers must take note of the point that TUI Group has taken a major step by expanding its cruise fleet presence across UK and Germany. This strategic move is expected to benefit the company on the basis of modernization and expansion of the company’s cruise fleet. The company has been planning for extensive renovation of its cruise fleet, many of which will be launched as Marella Explorer 2 for adults only.

Heavy investments can be made in the TUI Group as they made it a point to mention that their cruise business has been one of the exponential factor behind their business expansion across the globe. The company has been planning further to invest in research and development with regards to rejuvenation, modernization and expansion of its cruise portfolio.

Apart from this, TUI Group had mentioned that their Hamburg-based subsidiary, namely Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has plans to launch luxury expedition new builds, Hanseatic Inspiration and Hanseatic Nature.

Princess Yacht Charter Enters Into Partnership with BAR Technologies

Princess Yacht Charter has made plans to enter into a strategic partnership with BAR Technologies for developing carbon fibre yacht, which would be known as the holistically new series of yacht. This new series of yacht will be delivering a roller-coaster experience with the help of cutting-edge technology as well as bold innovation.

The leading companies with the manufacturers can take note of the point that Princess Yacht Charter also has few other related projects lined up for development that can significantly benefit the yacht charter market across the globe on a larger basis. The projects are inclusive of development of Princess 30M superyacht series together with modern 30M hull that will be displayed soon.

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