Development of Innovative Services to Significantly Benefit Teleradiology Market

Teleradiology Market

According to a latest news, a teleradiology service provider, named DocPanel has taken immense efforts in introducing a new service that would be highly beneficial in reading black lung x-rays. This new service would be helpful in interpreting chest x-rays that the company attained under B-reader program of the U.S. government for the purpose of screening coal miners for the black lung.

Apart from this, Coimbatore Medical College Hospital has been planning to take all the major efforts for being a part of the teleradiology network. This step will be successful with the help of Radiology Departments from the selected government hospitals available in the state. There is an ongoing study carried out by Future Market Insights that indicates that rapid increase in the cases of orthopaedic, cancer and several other chronic diseases will be positively impacting the growth of teleradiology market on a global basis.

DocPanel Introduces New Service to Screen Black Lungs of Coal Miners

DocPanel is a teleradiology services provider that has been planning to introduce a new service for the coal miners, which would help them in interpreting chest x-rays. B-reader program provided by the U.S. government will be highly beneficial for screening the black lungs of the coal miners on a larger basis. To speak about holistically, the new service provided by DocPanel supremely offers a board of radiologists that are U.S. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) certified with facilities for interpreting chest x-rays of the coal miners with regards to signs of the black lung.

Apart from the aforementioned matter, there would be facilities for diagnosis of pneumoconiosis, which is basically caused due to inhalation of dust on a larger basis. What we need to understand is, pneumoconiosis or black lung of the coal workers is basically common amongst workers who have considerable years of work experience underground as well as are susceptible to inhaling coal mine dust. Key players and manufacturers can note the point that DocPanel has developed an online system, which helps them in uploading chest radiographs from the CDs, PACS as well as DICOM folder/file to a more secure account.

DocPanel is making the new service available for the occupational health centers, worker monitoring and surveillance programs, epidemiological research studies, law firms assessing client cases as well as imaging centers. Besides, other B-readers can utilize the new services of DocPanel for the purpose of streamlining their workflows as well as to provide their clients with quick turnaround times.

Coimbatore Medical College Hospital Plans to be Part of the Teleradiology Network

CMCH (Coimbatore Medical College Hospital) is likely to be a part of teleradiology network. This will be soon made possible by the health department as they are taking immense efforts in implementing the same by associating with radiology departments of certain government hospitals that are available in the state. The teleradiology programme is all-inclusive of uploading the images to server, which are captured with the help of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computed tomography) and these images will be highly beneficial for the related doctors as well in the long run.

The notable point is that the small hospitals who have CT scan machine facilities but do not have radiologists to operate them can be highly benefitted with this radiology programme. The images that would be uploaded on the server will be scanned by any doctor linked with the teleradiology network.

Apart from the aforementioned news, it has been witnessed that Imaging Biometrics®, LLC (IB) and Medimsight, Ltd had been working towards entering into partnership for facilitating access to the quantitative software solutions of Imaging Biometrics®, LLC (IB) through the platform of Medimsight, Ltd., where AI (artificial intelligence) of Medimsight, Ltd., will soon be integrating teleradiology as well.

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