Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions to Significantly Drive the Growth Animal Model Market

Animal Model Market

Rapid increase in technological advancement has been contributing significantly towards development of constructive and easy animal models across the globe. Apart from this, rising cases of diseases and its adverse effects with regards to medicines have been taken into consideration that has increased adoption of the animal models across the globe since the recent past. This in turn will also benefit the humans with regards to safety. Most of all, growing government intervention in the research institutes is likely to create significant growth opportunities for the animal model market in the near future.

A thorough analysis was taken out lately on the report named animal model market by an established research company. The thorough analysis indicates that the animal model market is likely to develop at a healthy 6.4% CAGR over the assessment period, 2017-2026. In addition, the animal model market will be touching an estimate of more than US$ 2,000Mn by 2026-end. Key players operating in the animal model market are inclusive of Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., Eurofins Scientific SE, Trans Genic Inc., Charles River Laboratories International, Inc., Envigo CRS SA, Genoway SA and The Jackson Laboratory.

The aforementioned players are likely to witness a considerable growth, globally in the coming years, which will be contributing towards expansion of animal model market across the globe. Manufacturers and key players are completely concentrating on developing strategies, concerning the product value, advancement, innovation and mounting product portfolio, for the purpose of further development of the animal model market for the near future.

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. Acquires MPI Research Inc for Approximately $800Mn

Key players and manufacturers can note the point that Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. recently acquired a Michigan company for approximately $800Mn that works similar to them on a larger basis. Acquisition of MPI Research of Mattawan is expected to be a strategic move for business expansion as well as would help in increasing its customer-base across the globe.

MPI Research of Mattawan is known as contract research organization, which would help the medical as well as pharmaceutical device firms that outsource some R&D. The focal point is that the outsourcing task has turned out to be significantly common for the drug makers on a larger basis. This outsourcing helps them in getting away from situation where laying-off workers becomes essential, as and when the experiments end-up failing and it is a greater possibility in high-risk industries across the globe.

The Jackson Laboratory, Chinese University & Associated Research Centers Settle Legal Disputes over Mice

The point to be noted here is that The Jackson Laboratory is taking immense efforts towards getting away from any issue that would restrain its global business. According to the latest news, The Jackson Laboratory along with Chinese University & associated research centers has settled down a legal dispute, which was regarding the deal of the offspring of a mice at a genomics center, which had been utilized for research purposes.

The Jackson Laboratory was witnessed taking immense efforts for this settlement as the company the research mice is considered as a crucial part of their laboratory’s business, which accounts for nearly billions in revenue. According to the current scenario, The Jackson Laboratory is working keenly on developing new models with regards to human disease, beneficial for screening of medicines, preclinical studies as well as better understanding regarding the diseases and conditions.

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