Strategic Collaborations to Drive Growth of the Industrial Robots Market

Industrial Robots Market

According to the current scenario, developing flexible industrial robots with friendlier interfaces and easy positioning has been driving the growth of global market on a larger basis. Key players and manufacturers in the industrial robots market are increasingly focused on developing robots, which would provide easy techniques to program, configure and integrate with the advanced as well as innovative technologies that help in generating incredible functioning.

A thorough analysis was taken out lately on the report named industrial robots market by an established research company. The thorough analysis indicates that the industrial robots market is likely to develop at an outstanding 17.2% CAGR over the assessment period, 2017-2026. In addition, the industrial robots market will be touching an estimate of more than US$ 8,700Mn by 2026-end. Key players operating in the industrial robots market are inclusive of Denso Corporation, Brenton LLC, YASKAWA Electric Corporation, ABB Limited, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Krones AG and KUKA AG.

The aforementioned players are likely to witness a considerable growth, globally in the coming years, which will be contributing towards expansion of industrial robots market across the globe. Manufacturers and key players are completely concentrating on developing strategies, concerning the product value, advancement, innovation and mounting product portfolio, for the purpose of further development of the industrial robots market for the near future.

ABB Limited Enters Into Collaboration with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.,

ABB Limited and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., have together developed the first collaborative robot functioning interface in the world. Key players and manufacturers must note the point that this new development will be highly beneficial for the new manufacturers with regards to scalability and flexibility, thereby providing better job opportunities for the vital industrial workforce across the globe.

Increasing demand for the collaborative robots has been witnessed in the rapidly increasing industrial robots market. The development of collaborative robots will be mainly responsible for the medium and small scale enterprises, especially the leapfrog conventionally longer industrial robot acquiring curves. The new and modern industry standard functioning interface is likely to surge the demand for collaborative robots.

Denso Corporation & TrackX Holdings Inc. Collaborate for Benefitting Automotive Industry

Key players and manufacturers can take note of the point that Denso Corporation and TrackX Holdings Inc. have been collaborating for providing the automotive industry with management and asset tracking solutions on a larger basis. The two leading firms will be collaborating for deploying solutions with the help of industry expertise and automotive component of Denso Corporation as well as TrackX Global Asset Management for Enterprise (GAME) platform of TrackX Holdings Inc.

The point to focus is that this collaboration will help in making the availability of RFID Asset Tracking services for the benefit of the existing as well as emerging customer-base. Apart from this, the company also gets an opportunity for entering in the IIoT space along with the GAME software. Denso Corporation on a larger basis will contribute towards product developments for the offices, shops and factories, in order to cater to the increasing customer demands of innovation with the help of Industrial Controllers, Industrial Robots as well as Automatic Data Capturing for the manufacturers.

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