Watson Data Kits, ROBIN, Power9 Technology: Prominent Influencers of the Global Cognitive System Spending Market

Cognitive Systems Spending Market

Cognitive systems are considered as an important aid in the management of big data. With the combination of natural language processing, machine learning, and probabilistic reasoning, cognitive computing efficiently analyzes contexts and delivers real-time answers from the big data. Owing to recent advances in processing power, application of cognitive technologies have become more feasible for various industries including banking, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunication, transportation, and security among others. Due to rising adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive systems across a range of industries, the global cognitive system spending market is projected to grow strongly.

Watson Data Kits for Hospitality Industry by IBM

IBM, a New York-based computer technology manufacturing giant, has recently launched Watson Data Kits for hospitality industry at the Think 2018 conference. These kits are designed to deliver licensed, machine-readable data that can train Watson for the subtle distinctions of specific industries and application cases. Faster AI training enables business leaders to make rapid and better-informed decisions. Further, the Watson Data Kits for travel point of interest will deliver airlines, hotel brands, online travel agencies and other related domains, point-of-interest data to create more engaging experiences for travelers. Initially, these kits will serve travel, transportation and food industries with the travel point-of-interest and food menus, respectively.

IBM launched Power9 Technology at Think 2018

IBM cloud infrastructure has recently launched its Power9-based AC922 system. The new server system has 16-core Power9 chips and 4 Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs that deliver a 4x faster speed for deep learning AI training as compared to similar hardware by its competitor Intel. Further, HPC cloud vendor Nimbix has also announced integration of Power9 in its cloud infrastructure.

Metadata Collaborates With LinkedIn Marketing Partners Program

Metadata, a pioneer of AI demand generation platform for the business world, has recently joined LinkedIn marketing partners program to deliver its AI capabilities to LinkedIn’s advertising platform. With the API integration, advertising business partners can optimize account-based-marketing campaigns in detail along with a specific focus on target decision makers. Such customized advertising campaign will enable advertising partners to respond target candidates with a much faster and accurate AI-based approach that avoids errors of manual campaign setup.

ROBIN to Ensure Enhanced Insurance Data Processing

The Dayhuff Group, a leading provider of complex data management solutions, has recently launched ROBIN, a cognitive robotic process automation solution for the insurance industry. With the combination of IBM’s Watson Explorer and robotic process automation (RPA) tools, ROBIN presents excellent solutions for underwriting system and claim processing for insurance operations. In addition, ROBIN has natural language processing with cloud computing to deeply understand the data input. The application-based scenario includes pre-processing steps that allow requesting of additional information, obtaining prescriptions or medical histories, updating underwriting system, updating of other systems with less information input and faster documentation processing. With ROBIN, insurers will be able to use cognitive automation for rapid processing of new business or claims.

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