Key Influence of Swiss Precision Diagnostics and Church & Dwight on the U.S. Digital Pregnancy Test Kits Market

Digital Pregnancy Test Kit Market

As the infertility rate across global population soars beyond control, couples in developed economies such as the US continue to place their trust on latest pregnancy kits and products. With conventional test kits becoming obsolete for their inaccuracy, the demand for digital pregnancy test kits continues to surge robustly. New technologies are being incorporated in the development of digital pregnancy test kits, wherein the devices are becoming easy-to-use, exhibiting high accuracy, and creating updates on ovulation periods. According to the nonprofit organization, Guttmacher Institute, the national rate of natural pregnancy across the US remains approximated to 127 pregnancies per 1,000 women in the age group 20-24. Such findings indicate how the US remains a lucrative marketplace for adoption of digital pregnancy test kits in the coming years.

A prominent market researcher estimates the digital pregnancy test kits market in the US to reach a value of US$ 103 million by the end of 2027. The adoption of digital pregnancy test kits in the US remains constrained by the influence of low reimbursement policies, high prices and product recalls. In the foreseeable future, the US digital pregnancy test kits market will observe a consolidated presence of handful of companies, which include Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH, Sugentech Inc., Gregory Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc., and Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

In the approaching years, the presence of Swiss Precision Diagnostics and Church & Dwight will be marked unique in terms of product innovation and technological advancements.

What Swiss Precision Diagnostics has in Store for US Women

The Germany-based medical product manufacturer has earned its largest consumer base in the US. The Clearblue range of digital pregnancy test kits and products continue to provide accurate results for US women. The addition of “Weeks Indicator” feature continues to drive innovation in the production of digital pregnancy test kits for the company. Digital displays exhibit accurate results, which the stick remains conveniently and hygienically disconnected from the kits digital components.

Majority of digital pregnancy test kits offered by Swiss Precision Diagnostics showcase a one-step utility. Advanced analytical technologies used in development of the urine sample detector have driven the accuracy of digital pregnancy test kits developed by Swiss Precision diagnostics. The company leads innovation in the US digital pregnancy test kits market by offering products that can count down the results, trace the progress for expecting women and also provide reassurance to them through each step.

Church & Dwight Employs Digital Content Creation for Boosting Market Exposure

In an interesting turn of events, Church & Dwight Co., Inc. made the news in mid-2017 for undertaking an innovative marketing strategy to promote the advantages of its First ResponseTM digital pregnancy test kits. Four women partnered with the company and created digital content series that tracked and recorded the developments during their journeys towards becoming pregnant. These “trying-to-conceive” journeys were documented to showcase how the First ResponseTM kits played a pivotal role in supporting the women towards their commitment on the way to motherhood.

The brand’s involvement in this initiative has been remarkable as each product of the company found its use in resolving the pregnancy and ovulation woes of these four women. First ResponseTM Daily Digital Ovulation Test was widely used in this initiative. The company’s EasyReadTM technology showcased more than 99% accuracy and the mobile app served as an online tool for the women to calculate their cycle lengths and expected due dates.

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