Innovative Technology to Benefit Populace with Disabled Hand

Orthopaedic Prosthetics Market

According to a recent news, few high school students have grouped in together and are taking immense efforts in making prosthetic hands with the help of 3D printers which eventually would be useful for children and adults in need. Orthopaedic prosthetic devices along with innovative technology as well as patient customization helps in rebuilding of residual limb. As per a research firm, Future Market Insights, there is increase in the requirement for innovative technologies for orthopaedic prosthetics which would help individual needs of every patient, and for that matter, customized prosthetic devices are also made available. The firm also anticipates that global market for orthopaedic prosthetics will exhibit a healthy CAGR of 5% by 2026-end. The market is expected to observe rapid growth due to customized prosthetic devices and advancement in prosthetic device technology along with cost-efficiency.

3D Printers to Help In the Making of Prosthetic Hands

Some high school students have taken up a project in making prosthetic hands with the help of 3D technology to distribute amongst children and adults worldwide. So far, this project has been the most complicated and the idea was implemented after being motivated by e-NABLE video. Parts made up of 3D printers, have been assembled with the hands and are made for special people with partial wrist but lack fingers and hand. Around 32 prosthetic hands will be created for children as focus is mainly on them. Traditional prosthetics have been regarded as expensive compared to this creation by the students which in turn increases the demand of the hand prosthetics induced with 3D printing technology. This new innovation plays a very significant role in the event of catching a ball or riding a bike.

Prominence of E-NABLE

The students had to get their creation accepted by e-NABLE and videos were necessary which would display that the prosthetics made by them is bendable and is unbreakable. The students are constantly working on trials so that errors can be excluded as much as possible as one wrong work would disable the hand from working. There are also a set of specific instructions that has to be followed during the manufacturing of hand prosthetics. The process for the making of hand prosthetics is nearly 10 hours. 3D printing has turned out to be highly beneficial in making provisions with regards to prosthetics. The increase in accessibility of customized prosthetics is a boon in today’s modern world for disabled children in particular.

The advanced 3D printing has proved in improving other people’s lives. Keen observation was the main requirement during the assembly of created parts which also provided the students with manufacturing skills. The students considered the hard work worth for the cause which ultimately increases the demand for the product as well. The main motto behind the creation is to allow the naturally disabled children to be around other efficient children without any inconvenience. The new innovation has also gained attention of people across the globe. Many companies are planning for connections and collaborations in order to develop an expertise in the creation of hand prosthetics which in turn fuels the demand for orthopaedic prosthetics as well.

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