Global Mass Notification Systems in Healthcare Market Led By Innovative Communication Solutions by Everbridge and RF Technology

Mass Notification System in Healthcare Market

Demand for mass notification system has increased in past decades owing to increasing adoption of IoT, digitization and increased pool of consumers in public as well as private organizations including schools, hospitals, workstations, and other public sectors. In healthcare sector, expanding patient pool, longer waiting times, inadequate prescriptions, and incidences of error-prone treatment and diagnosis has generated need of notification system. Further, cases of healthcare violence has also been reported in recent past. In addition, failure of appropriate medical treatments in emergency department has failed to save lives of many critical patients. Technology innovation and emerging IoT trend has led to development of advanced and efficient mass notification system for healthcare system. However, these solutions are cost effective. Moreover, lack of proper training results in inappropriate utilization of the system and can also lead to false alarms.

RF Technology (RFT) Launches New Version of HELP ALERT for Hospitals

RF Technology, a Wisconsin based safety and security solutions provider, has introduced a new version of HELP ALERT with a wireless key-fob style panic button and mass notification system capability. The company is working to enhance security of workers in healthcare system, hotels, and schools. The updated version of HELP ALERT® has concept of real-time action which can send a mass notification alert to security personnel who can further alert the entire health facility within seconds in case of emergency. A combination of wifi panic button and mass notification system, HELP ALERT can be useful for both personal and mass notification alerts, which can be further extended to manifestation of safety protocols according to severity of emergency situation.

Shutter Roseville Medical Center Adopts Everbridge’s New Communication Tools

Sutter Roseville Medical Center Emergency Department has implemented new response team processes and Everbridge’s communication tools for highly sick or code critical patients to provide better patient care and emergency department output. While medical center is still analyzing out-puts of the system, current data suggests 76% improvements in door-to-doctor time. With these results, the center is seeking to expand installation of the communication tool in other healthcare division including trauma sector.

Valcom, Inc. Acquires Keltron Corporation

Valcom, a leading provider of mass notification systems has recently acquired Keltron, a life safety event management system provider. While both companies will operate individually, they will share their know-hows of technology, design, and engineering to leverage state-of-the-art solutions to customers. For Keltron, the acquisition will enable rapid development of next generation IP and other communication solutions for different industries including healthcare.

Eaton Corporation Launches the First LED Notification Appliances

Eaton is a power management company which provides integrated, advanced technology and code-compliant solutions for life safety and mass notification. It has announced launch of a new line of Wheelock Exceder LED3 notification appliances for fire alarm system. This is the first LED conventional devices to comply with the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code requirements for flash duration. In addition, on March 2, 2018, Eaton hosted Annual Investor conference with the aim to discuss company’s business prospects with securities analysts and institutional investors. In the conference, company’s organic growth was estimated to grow by approximately 4% in 2018.

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