Innovative Development by OBP Medical to Contribute Significantly Towards Production Sales of Vaginal Specula

US and Australia Join Forces to Improve Cancer and Pediatric Healthcare

Manufacturers have been working towards developing flexible sizes and colors of vaginal specula and is also working on handles for the purpose of easy identification. Non-lighted and lighted options have a wider scope for easy handling. Nearly, all vaginal specula are packaged separately and are only meant for single-use. Currently, the global market for vaginal specula is undergoing a transformation from the reusable vaginal specula to the single- usage vaginal specula. Growing awareness amongst women regarding cancer incidences, health issues and infections is also contributing towards the growth of global market for vaginal specula. The demand for disposable vaginal specula is increasing owing to the fact that it causes minimal chances of infection. The global market is likely to observe increasing demand from diagnostics center and hospitals.

Companies namely Cooper Surgical, Welch Allyn, Robinson Healthcare, Integra Lifesciences, DYNAREX, OBP Medical, BD, Teleflex, Sklar Surgical, MedGyn and Pelican Feminine Healthcare amongst others will experience a great sale worldwide. In addition, some companies are developing their products and broadening their product portfolio. Apart from that, rest of the businesses are awaiting for acceptance of their vagina specula products. 

OBP Medical Expands Its Vaginal Specula Product Portfolio

OBP Medical has expanded its lighted specula product portfolio which holds single-usage feature. The new products include XL and XS size products which enable OB/GYNs for excluding device-associated cross-contamination danger for every patient. The company announces the launch of ER-SPEC and OfficeSPEC vaginal specula, which is currently made available in nearly all sizes, which is, large, medium, and small and now in extra-large and extra-small size.

Globally, ER-SPEC and OfficeSPEC are adopted by the OB/GYN on a larger basis for recognizing many patient, operational and clinical benefits of single-usage lighted specula. There has been increasing occurrences which shows that some bacteria, which also includes particular HPV (human papillomavirus) strains are resilient to clinical disinfectants. 

Holistic Insights on OfficeSPEC & ER-SPEC

ER-SPEC and OfficeSPEC are entirely self-controlled and exclusively single-usage vaginal specula. These two devices hold a hands-free, integrated and single-usage LED light source, which is amongst the brightest in industry, which also makes plug-in and rechargeable light sources obsolete. These traits do away with expense and time related to maintenance and reprocessing of reusable devices and the requirement to discover a light source as well as bring together parts prior to usage, all the while excluding the danger of cross-contamination and HAI (healthcare-associated infection). The disposable vaginal specula by OBP Medical has helped the health care organizations to observe quick patient output, enhanced patient satisfaction and safety and improved efficiency.

The company is continually working on expanding its product line in order to meet increasing flexibility needs of customers with regards to size. Moreover, the prominent market players have been taking efforts for implementing the developing vagina specula as they are planning to advance in terms of analytic queries for the purpose of increasing their standards along with support of many other approaches.

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