Heberprot-P to Deliver Effective Treatment Against Amino Acid Metabolism Disorders; Nestle Health Sciences and Codex Collaboration to Enhance CodeEvolver Enzyme Platform

Amino Acid Metabolism Disorders Treatment Market

Metabolism is essentially a process that the human body uses to gain energy from food intake. In case of a metabolic disorder, improper food digestion takes place. Amino acids are referred to as building blocks. In case of metabolism disorders, breaking of amino acids becomes difficult that can lead to difficulty in getting them in cells. These complications can lead to generation of harmful substances in the body that can ultimately lead to life threatening or serious health problems. Such disorders are typically inherited, which makes their early diagnosis followed by effective treatment imperative. New-born babies are screened for such disorders via blood tests. According to analysis of Future Market Insights, the global market for amino acid metabolism disorders treatment is expected to grow at a high CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2026.

Heberprot-P – Revolutionary Treatment of Hope

CIGB (Cuba’s Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Centre created Heberprot-P that enables healing of open wounds caused by metabolic disorders, thus reducing chances of amputation. This medicine contains peptide of about 53 amino acids that trigger anabolic metabolism thus promoting separation of amino acids by coupling with the receptor, ultimately causing cell division. This reduces the chances of disorders caused by irregular amino acid metabolism. This medicine offers several therapeutic advantages that trigger healing process that could serve a large percentage of population facing metabolism disorders.

Codexis Enters into Strategic Partnership With Nestle Health Science

Nestle Health Science and Codexis entered into a partnership that focused on protein engineering platform. Codexis, a leading protein engineering player, announced strategic partnership with Nestle Health Science that entailed multiple projects supporting CodeEvolver platform of Codexis that deals with protein engineering. This strategic collaboration comprises of an option for development of novel and orally derived CDX-6114 enzyme for treatment of PKU (Phenylketonuria) – major orphan metabolic disorder. Additionally, Nestle Health Science, with this strategic alliance, secured access to CodeEvolver platform for detection of bio therapeutics that can be used to treat other metabolic disorders as well as development of innovative enzyme products for its consumer care and medical nutrition business areas.

Codexis would be eligible to obtain approvals, commercial payments and clinical development payments associated with CDX-6114 along with royalties related to product sales. Costs related to clinical development would be handled by Codexis for the CDX-6114 enzyme, along with costs related to phase 1 trials in healthy volunteers. Subsequently, Nestle Health Science would be responsible for future developments of the enzyme as well as its commercialization. In addition, Nestle Health Science would secure the first negotiation right over enzyme therapies especially for disorders associated with amino acid metabolism that Codex already has in its development pipeline. This collaboration validates CodeEvolver platform for protein engineering as a discovery engine for bio therapeutics.

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