Cook Medical’s Cellvizio Receives Further Clearance by FDA; Cook Medical Announces Large-Scale Organizational Restructuring

Biopsy Device Market

Large number of patients are preferring minimally invasive surgical processes in order to minimize conventional surgical complications as well as side-effects, which is leading to sales of liquid biopsy devices. The global demand for biopsy devices is rising further, owing to increasing incidents of cancer. Additionally, providing accurate diagnostics, biopsy devices ensures minimal trauma and discomfort to the patient. These are the key factors impacting growth if the biopsy as well as biopsy devices. 

Future Market Insights has reported that the global biopsy device market will reflect growth rate of nearly 6.5% during 2016-2026. Prominent players operating in the global market has been profiled in the report, which are contributing more to the growth of the market. Further, their strategies and developments are discussed in the report. Some leading players profiled in the report include Becton, Dickinson and Company, Hologic, Inc., Cook Medical, and PLANMED OY. 

Cellvizio Receives Further FDA Clearance

Cook medical’s Confocal Miniprobes and Cellvizio Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (CLE) System have received additional clearance from US Food and Drug Administration. Additional information provided in the multiple peer-reviewed medical journals opened way for this new clearance and indication for Cellvizio system. The new indication stated that the new system can be utilized in vivo imaging of the internal microstructure of tissues such as its identification of vessels and cells as well as its architecture or organization during endoscopic process.

The ability of the Cellvizio to recognize vessels and cells as well as its architecture and organization should have considerable impact on the utilization of this technology with urologists. Cool medical is likely to cooperate with Mauna Kea to bring this technology to urlogy specialty. Cellvizio is the system based on CLE system, which is the visualization platform includes laser scanning technique to create picture of the tissues’ inner microstructure. The Confocal Miniprobes are manufactured by optical fibre bundles as raw material as well as with the use of additional optical elements. These transfer laser to tissue site after then it senses the fluorescence signal that is radiated back, which is changed into real-time pictures of the tissues’ internal microstructure. The technologies, Confocal Miniprobes and Cellvizio system that are produced by Mauna Kea technologies will be distributed by Cook Medical.

Large-Scale Organizational Restructuring

Cook Medical has recently made an announcement of series of planned changes, which will be notably simplify its structure to enable expansion and better service standards. The company is planning to merge its ten units to form two business divisions, Vascular and MedSurg. This change is likely to help align sales team to meet particular consumer requirements, while generating more streamlined contracting procedure.

Meanwhile, the firm’s distribution center and customer support center will be under one leadership team, with new global teams are structured to oversee distribution channel management as well as medical education, also development team and dedicated research team are now in a place. The company is committed to put needs of their consumers as well as their employees at the center of whatever they do. All the changes made are beneficial customers as well as all the employees in the house and ultimately to patients.

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