Scholle IPN Introduces Sterlized Spouted Pouch System and Expands Manufacturing Capacity in Latin America

Edible Oil Packaging Market

Edible oil packaging has been growing over the years to cover a wide range of packaging products like pouches, jerry cans, tin cans, jars and bottles. The global edible oil packaging market serves to food and beverage industry on the large scale catering large number of consumers across the globe. According to Future Market Insight, the global edible oil packaging market exhibits positive growth in foreseeable future. Several leading players such as Sidel S.A., Scholle IPN, Smurfit Kappa Group, Sun Pack Corporation have contributed more to the growth of the global market on the basis of their strategies. 

Scholle IPN Launches Sterilized Spouted Pouch System

Scholle IPN, a flexible packaging solution provider has recently launches the first sterilized, pre-made pouch system in the world for aseptically-worked products. CleanPouch Aseptic Procedure features a new plug, spout and cap mixture; pouches manufactured within a clean room surroundings. It further incorporates high-output aseptic rotary filler and a small-footprint. The SureFill 100P – Aseptic.

The spouted pouch system is likely to be utilized for different products such as coffee and tea, fruits and vegetables, liquid eggs, and smoothies as well as personal and beauty. Wright Foods, a North Carolina-based is the first firm to adopt new CleanPouch system, as the capacity to manufacture temper-evident packages in sizes ranging between 50ml and 450ml. Wright Foods is an aseptic food processing and co-packaging company, which manufactures customized products to meet different specifications ranging from concept to plate.

Companies have gained a letter of non-objection from the US FDA to initially install CleanPouch aseptic system. David Bellmore, Technology Director of Scholle IPN stated that they have used approximately 50 years of aseptic packaging know-how to manufacture this system. From the outset of design, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, extensive testing and rapid prototypes through prototyping phase were majors to development. The new application director Peter Messacar at Scholle IPL stated that customers are continuously demanding such type of innovation as the format of the spouted pouch is so prevalent on store shelves today.

Separating the risk of pouch manufacturing and complexity in making the pouch from manufacturing operations provide consumers the ability to concentrate on what they do best. Scholle IPN manufactures flexible packaging solutions for pouches components, bag-in-box, connectors, fitments as well as filling equipment. The company’s beverage packaging solutions include aseptic clean valve, Flex Tap bag-in-box packaging, Opti-Serve Bag-in-box package, freshTap bag-in-box package.

Scholle IPN Builds New Manufacturing Facility in Latin America

Scholle IPN has recently constructed a manufacturing plant in Santiago, Chile. The facility includes a warehouse, office and a clean room surroundings for production of bag-in-box as well as spouted pouches. The new facility is likely to include the similar production processes utilized in its Vinhedo, Brazil plant to manufacture bag-in-box packaging in sizes from 3 liter to 220 liter as well as smaller size CleanPouches of sizes from 70g to 120g.

Managing Director, Ademir Fragnani, Scholle IPN, Latin America stated that they wanted to open a facility in Chile as it is near to key consumers in the food industry as well as it is the fastest growing wine industry. The new facility has the ability to meet the growting demand from consumers as it is integrated with Scholle IPN capacity in Vinhedo, Brazil.

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