Remarkable Innovations in Local Trains to Significantly Influence Production Sales of Railway A/C Systems

Railway Air Conditioning System Market

According to a recent news, railway board has agreed to provide the sub-urban local trains of Mumbai with partial air conditioning systems. Also, Himalayan Railway of Darjeeling has been provided with cutting-edge AC coach. A research company, Future Market Insights, is of the viewpoint that increasing demand for travelling comfort in public transport is likely to fuel the growth of global market for railway air conditioning system. Manufacturers are further working towards innovating A/C systems for railways that would lead to fuel savings and reduction in compressor power consumption.

Railway Board Agrees To Provide Partial A/C Systems to Mumbai Sub-Urban Trains

MRVC (Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation) had decided to provide the sub-urban trains of Mumbai with partial A/C systems, which was later sent to Railway board for consent. This is certainly a good news for Central Railway commuters as well. Nearly 78 EMU (Electrical Multiple Unit) trains will be provided with six A/C coaches and each train is expected to have around 12 compartments. The evaluated cost for the implementation of partial A/C systems is Rs.60crore.

Chennai’s ICF (Integral Coach Factory) will retrofit nearly 39 rakes, which includes Bombardier, Siemens and Medha rakes. These rakes will be converted into completely air conditioned systems. The Railways are planning to utilize six coaches out of the 39, for replacing around six compartments in the existing trains.

The senior railway officials had mentioned that they are planning to replace the immediate six coaches, which are behind the cabin of motorman. According to them, decisions regarding compartmentalization of coaches will be done and announced soon. The initial six coaches will be vestibuled with automatic doors and CCTV cameras, which eventually would increase the ridership as well as customer base.

At present, there is one AC train that is running on the prevailing suburban railway system. Based on the latest information, there are hardly 12 trips taken daily by the AC local trains. Therefore, insufficient availability of trains has led to decrease in daily commuters. However, MRVC is planning to initiate nearly 210AC trains, in a time span of three years. The partial air conditioning of trains can be considered as stop-gap arrangement for commuters. The new AC local trains are expected to come into effect before 2018-end.

Himalayan Railway of Darjeeling to Obtain Air Conditioned Coaches

The Himalayan Railway of Darjeeling has successfully received two narrow gauge AC coaches for running through the railway of UNESCO World Heritage. The AC coaches are roof-mounted along with the provision of a tiny silent power-pack that offers power to units. Each coach hold a seating capacity of near fifteen and the interiors are developed with the help of teak panels and huge unbreakable laminated secure-glass windows for the commuters to experience the scenic beauty. Apart from this, a system which holds the feature of delivering music as well as announcement is also implemented, mainly for the purpose of entertainment. Also, in situations when AC systems are not in operation, the flap on roof has a fan that would provide ventilation and fresh air. This hatch fan will be operating through battery that is recharged by power pack.

Apart from the aforementioned information, railway officials had also mentioned that Non-AC Medha rakes tender will have necessary revisions and nearly seven AC Medha rakes will be obtained within a time span of six months. Non-AC coach between Ghum and Darjeeling is also under development for the purpose of Joy Ride services.

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