Remarkable Efforts Taken By Mitsubishi Heavy Industries & ACE Automobiles to Benefit Global Automotive Industry

Automotive Air Conditioning System Compressor Market

According to a recent news, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has planned to surge Thai output in A/C system compressors for existing as well as developing EVs (electric vehicles). Moreover, it is recommended by ACE Automobiles that in order to prevent A/C from cropping up during inopportune times, for instance, in dead summer, proper maintenance of the air conditioning system including compressors must be done at proper intervals, especially by the end of spring.

A research firm, Future Market Insights, is of the view that recent advancement in technologies have helped in low operational and production costs. Installation of compact size and lightweight compressors have been gaining prevalence lately, across the automotive sector. Moreover, these features help in reduction of vibration and noise levels of the vehicle along with accomplishing fuel economy targets.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Proliferate Thai production capacity For EVs

Japanese group of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is planning to proliferate the Thai production capacity in its air conditioner compressors for the benefit of rising EVs (electric vehicles). The company had mentioned that the holistic details including investments is still unsettled, but will be announced soon. However, the Japanese company is expecting Thai production capacity to multiply the performance of A/C compressors by 2020.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. is the parent organization of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. This Tokyo-based subsidiary manufactures a variety of air conditioning system equipment. Currently, the company is working on introducing manufacturing of A/C system compressors at the Chinese facilities.

Electric vehicles require unique air conditioning system compressors compared to conventional autos. The demand for A/C system compressors has increased owing to the fact that there is considerable rise in manufacturers across the globe. Apart from this, existing as well as emerging market players are focusing on expansion of their product portfolio along with output of electrics.

ACE Automobiles Recommend Appropriate Inspection of A/C System Compressor to Prevent Failed Performance

It has been observed that the cool air, which blows from the vent of a vehicle, is not given proper maintenance as long as the cold air stops blowing eventually. Therefore, ACE Automobiles recommend that for preventing such issues, it is essential that the drivers keep a proper annual check of the A/C systems, especially before dead summer.

The company is taking efforts informs the drivers that keeping a check at the existing and developing vehicles by observing the air blow from vents and measuring the cooling temperature with special thermometer would be largely beneficial. Later, the technician can hold up an A/C monitoring machine, which will help in ensuring suitable low-side and high-side pressures.

In situations where the machine indicates that the system levels do not match necessary parameters, there are higher chances of leakage, which is a patent issue with A/C units. Leakage of lines, condensers, evaporators and compressors as well is a possibility. Well, the company mainly recommends these measures for cars that are nearly five years old and points out that the increase in issues are resultant of A/C usage, mileage and age of the car.

Apart from the aforementioned information, there was news that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. has recently acquired a sister Mitsubishi Heavy Group Company, manufacturing automotive air conditioning system equipment. Recommendations for drivers in particular by ACE Automobiles will lead to increasing demand for advanced compressors in the near future.

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