Plastic Industry Will Continue To Create Lucrative Opportunities for Stabilizers Manufacturers

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Increasing need for UV protection, improved shelf-life and premature withering in plastics is fuelling the demand for stabilizers. Bio-based stabilizers usage is the emerging trend in the global market. Automotive industry is expected to remain lucrative for the global market in the forthcoming years. Further, construction and plastic industry is expected to shape the demand for stabilizers and related products.

Companies namely Eastman Chemical Products Inc., American Cyanamid Co., Chemipro Kasei Kaisha LTD and BASF Wyandotte Corp. amongst others will witness a considerable growth worldwide. Leading companies have been focusing on marketing strategies such as developing innovative stabilizers and expanding their product portfolio. Apart from them, companies such as Vikas Ecotech and Sea Spirit are contributing significantly towards production sales of stabilizers.

Sea Spirit Launches New Stabilizers

Sea Sprit announced that its 114-passenger ship will be integrated with cutting-edge retractable fin stabilizers. The company mentioned that the vessel will be provided with the innovative technology by early 2019 in Portugal, Lisbon, prior to beginning of 2019 Artic season.

Retractable fin stabilizers will offer superior performance roll damping, regardless of situations such as drifting, is underway or at anchor. They are incorporated with time-tested irregular edge design, which helps in eliminating noise and vibrations. Moreover, the company is looking forward to provide safeguards for protecting the polar ecosystems. The retractable fin stabilizers are completely compatible with EAL (environmentally acceptable lubricants) and also include quad main seal for the purpose of additional redundancy.

Furthermore, the new technology utilizes a PLC (programmable logic controller) that is computer-based and helps in developing various algorithms liable to the conditions. The company is taking efforts to develop such a technology to provide passengers in the ship with utmost comfort. Apart from all of this, Sea Spirit will require re-certification for the new IMO Polar Code before the implementation of new technology.

At present, the vessel holds complete international and technical certificates meeting the terms with IMO conventions that provides tourism events in the polar waters. Sea Spirit had informed that together with technical advancements, there is refurbishments in passenger areas, which includes public areas and cabins as well.

Vikas Ecotech to Benefit from Substitute of Lead-Based Stabilizers

Lead-based stabilizers currently meet nearly 80% of domestic demand. However, the government has decided to phase-out lead-based stabilizers, which is expected to create significant opportunities for Vikas Ecotech. The company has grabbed the attention of investors due to its flagship product named Methyl Tin Mercaptide. This product is a greener substitute to lead-based stabilizers that are utilized in plastic products. The product provides the company with maximum revenues.

The regulatory push by government to use substitutes to lead-based stabilizers and thereby increase the adoption of ecological substitutes has largely driven the investment rationale of the company. Vikas Ecotech is further monitoring in its competitive intensity, especially from China along with challenges regarding raw materials.

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