PendoTECH develops New Sensor; Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Multipurpose Salmonella Test

Measurement Technology in Downstream Processing Market

The global demand for improved sensor technology has been steadily increasing since past few years, due to increasing requirements for biopharmaceuticals brought about increasing prevalence of chronic disabilities like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer. Increasing demand for biopharmaceuticals has resulted in manufacturing of sensor products and this is further fueling growth of the global measurement technology in downstream processing market. According to Future Market Insights, the global market for measurement technology in downstream processing is estimated to witness expansion at 6.1% CAGR during 2017-2027. Several leasing players operating in the global market are contributing more to the growth of the market. Some prominent players profiled in the report include Applikon Biotechnology, Inc., Sartorius AG, Broadley-James Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH, Hamilton Company, PendoTECH, Mettler-Toledo International, Inc., and Endress+Hauser AG. 

PendoTECH Developes Single-Use Bioprocessing Sensors

PendoTECH has designed sensors for single-use biopharmaceutical constant handling applications by the use of Solvay’s Udel P-1700 polysulfone polymer. Through this polymer, PendoTECH stated that it has generated transparent, biocompatbale housing for a sensor’s family that are usually used in single-use biopharma manufacturing and development applications. PendoTECH’s sing-use products are designed for incline, discrete measurement of temperature, pressure, ultraviolet absorbance, turbidity and conductivity. These polymers provide better ease of use in the single-use biopharma development as well as manufacturing applications owing to transparent and moldable properties.

PSU is compatible with both gamma irradiation sterilization and steam autoclave that provide an improvement over transparent polymers. The polymer is certified under USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Class VI test values, both after and before gamma indication, ensuring that molded housing utilized in PendoTECH’s sensors reach industry’s stringent necessities for biocompatibility. The Solvay’s polymer has been tested under biocompatibility standards for irritation, acute systemic toxicity and cytotoxicity. PSU is one of the material that is used by PendoTECH as alternatives for various consumer applications. Additionally, PSU provides better chemical compatibility, inclusive of compatibility with sodium hydroxide.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Multipurpose Salmonella Test

Thermo Fisher Scientific has recently launched a new multiplex PCR resolution for laboratories that perform trials for poultry products. This new solution structures simple trial preparation as well as can provide results in very less time as 16 hours from different meat products and production environment samples. Thermo Fisher Scientific has recently launched new rapid multiplex PCR solution for simultaneous detection of 3 salmonella targets. The sample enrichment of the sample as well as PCR preparation protocols permit for scalable and fast applications, while its excellent specificity, sensitivity as well as reliability has been validated by number of studies.

This unique tool delivers valuable data in short timeframe that can bring substantial economic benefits to manufacturers while allowing them to continuously meeting relevant safety criteria.

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