Demand for Reactants to Burgeon Production Sales of Bromine Derivatives

Bromine Derivatives Market

Strategic acquisitions are expected to take a major turn on in the bromine derivatives market across the globe. Increasing usage of bromine derivatives in oil and gas industry is expected to fuel the demand for bromine derivatives in the forthcoming years. Growing needs for bromine for the purpose of eliminating mercury emissions from the coal-fired power station will further stimulate the demand and supply of bromine derivatives across the globe.

A research conducted recently is of the point of view that the bromine derivatives market will exclusively expand at a sluggish CAGR of 3.2% during the anticipated period. Besides, the revenue of bromine derivatives market reached an estimation of approximately US$ 3.70Bn by the end of 2016. The leading companies in bromine derivatives market includes Tetra Technologies Inc., Chemtura Corporation, Albemarle Corporation, Hindustan Salts Limited, Tata Chemicals Limited, Israel Chemicals Limited, Gulf Resources Inc., and Tosoh Corporation.

The abovementioned companies will be observing a significant growth across the globe in the near future, which eventually will contribute towards the growth of bromine derivatives market as well. Manufacturers and leading players have been completely focused on the development of strategic plans with regards to product value, innovation, advancement as well as expansion of product portfolio, in order to work towards further development of bromine derivatives market for the forthcoming years.

Albemarle Corporation Successfully Acquires Jiangxi Jiangli New Materials Science and Technology Co. Ltd.

Key players and manufacturers must note the point that Albemarle Corporation has successfully acquired Jiangxi Jiangli New Materials Science and Technology Co. Ltd. for the purpose of producing assets as well as supporting business operations. If figures are to be noted, the acquisition was done in nearly $145Mn. Apart from this, the point to be noted is that China has been increasingly focusing on manufacturing of the battery-grade lithium carbonate as well as lithium hydroxide.

It can be noted that this unique acquisition has combined manufacturing excellence of Jiangxi Jiangli New Materials Science and Technology Co. Ltd. and leading resource position of Albemarle Corporation. This in turn will help in expanding the ability of Albemarle Corporation to cater to the lithium growth plan of the company. These strategies will be highly beneficial for the existing as well as emerging customers with regards to service and delivery of exceptional product diversity, all over the end-markets, technologies and geographies, especially in APAC (Asia Pacific).

Apart from all of the above information, another notable point is that Jiangxi Jiangli New Materials Science and Technology Co. Ltd. assets have a considerable amount of lithium salts capacity. Albemarle Corporation has successfully completed the engineering part and the construction phase of development project at Jiangxi, in order to generate more than 25,000 MT per year of the lithium hydroxide capacity. This new expansion will be supremely utilized for the purpose of satisfying the long term consumer supply agreements.

Chemtura Corporation Gets Acquired by Lanxess Corporation

Key players and manufacturers must note that Lanxess Corporation has successfully acquired Chemtura Corporation as the flame retardants of Chemtura Corporation will significantly contribute towards expansion of the company’s business on a larger basis. This significant acquisition is expected to benefit Lanxess Corporation in strengthening its position in the global market, especially with regards to retardant additives.

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