Unmanned Drones to Stimulate Growth of Neuromorphic Chip Market

Neuromorphic Chip Market

Increasing speed of processing, improvements with regards to operational prowess, better sustainability towards artificial intelligence applications have been contributing significantly towards several advancements and innovations in neuromorphic chips field. Key players and manufacturers are taking immense efforts in strengthening their position in the global market for neuromorphic chip. The leading companies are planning to enter into strategic collaborations, which in turn is likely to create growth opportunities for neuromorphic chip market.

A recent research by an established firm anticipates that the neuromorphic chip market will be expanding at an outstanding 20.7%CAGR throughout 2016-2026, which is the forecast period. Apart from this, the neuromorphic chip market will be touching an evaluation of nearly US$ 10,810Mn by 2026-end. Key players in this neuromorphic chip market are inclusive of Knowm Inc., Hewlett Packard Labs., Intel Corp., BrainChip Holdings Ltd., Qualcomm Technologies Inc., IBM Research, Inc., and HRL Laboratories, LLC, General Vision Inc.

The aforementioned companies are likely to witness a considerable growth globally in the forthcoming years, which in turn will drive the neuromorphic chip market as well. Key players and manufacturers have been taking immense efforts in focusing on developing strategic plans such as advancements, innovations, and product effectiveness as well as developing product portfolio, for the further expansion of neuromorphic chip market. 

Intel Corp. Unveils an Innovative Prototype Neuromorphic Chip

Key players and manufacturers can focus on the point that Intel Corp. has recently unveiled an innovative prototype neuromorphic chip, namely Loihi. The adoption of this technology can be highly beneficial in the expansion of customer base for the leading players, for the purpose of mimicking the architecture of human brain for the adaptable artificial intelligence processing on edge.

The point to focus according to the current scenario is that making heavy investments in Intel Corp. would be highly beneficial for the other leading players as well as manufacturers in the forthcoming years. This is due to the situation that the company has been taking immense efforts in making advancements and innovations with regards to processors on a larger basis. The new prototype neuromorphic chip by Intel Corp. is likely to enable devices for performing advanced and innovative deep learning processing along with whole new level of power effectiveness. 

Holistic Benefits of Loihi

Loihi is highly beneficial for supporting recurrent and hierarchical neural network topologies. Key players and manufacturers must note that this immense effort taken by Intel Corp. has been the company’s major research so far, which has enabled them to attain a fully operative neuromorphic research chip. Apart from this, the company had made it a point to mention that this incredible technology has been highly beneficial for the AI solutions that Intel Corp. has been currently working on.

Making heavy investments on adopting Loihi can help in expanding customer base as well as position of the key players and manufacturers in the global market in the forthcoming years. This is due to the point that the new neuromorphic chic holds 1000 times more efficiency with regards to energy, compared to general purpose computing, which has been typically utilized for the purpose of training neural networks.

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