Launch of Innovative Fuel-Efficient Vehicles to Burgeon Production Sales of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles Market

Increasing demand for technologically advanced and innovative passenger cars has been creating incremental opportunities for manufacturers in the automobile industry across the globe. Key players and manufacturers are expected to work on expanding their product portfolio, thereby meeting the existing as well as emerging demand of the customers.

A recent research by an established firm anticipates that the hybrid vehicles market will be expanding at an outstanding 20.4%CAGR throughout 2016-2026, which is the forecast period. Apart from this, the hybrid vehicles market will be touching an evaluation of more than US$ 430Bn by 2026-end. Key players in this hybrid vehicles market are inclusive of Hyundai Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Nissan Motor Corporation Ltd. and Volkswagen AG.

The aforementioned companies are likely to witness a considerable growth globally in the forthcoming years, which in turn will drive the hybrid vehicles market as well. Key players and manufacturers have been taking immense efforts in focusing on developing strategic plans such as advancements, innovations, and product effectiveness as well as developing product portfolio, for the further expansion of hybrid vehicles market.

Ford Motor Company Introduces Notable Fuel-Efficient Taxis

Key players and manufacturers must focus on the point that Ford Motor Company has introduced a wide-ranging option with regards to development of taxis. The leading company has developed new hybrid vehicles for the benefit of operators, as it provides them an opportunity to cut down on fuel costs. The two new taxis, namely Fusion Hybrid Taxi and Transit Connect Taxi are mainly developed considering the features such as convenience, efficiency and reliability, which in turn helps in catering to the existing as well as emerging demand of customers and operators.

The main focal point about the new development is that Fusion Hybrid Taxi comparatively is more capable and efficient and is likely to gain traction in the forthcoming years with regards to revenue growth.

Ford Motor Company & Volkswagen AG Collaborate to Develop Commercial Vehicles

Key players and manufacturers must note that Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG are planning to collaborate for the purpose of working on wide range of projects, which is inclusive of development of commercial vehicles. This step is expected to benefit both the companies in strengthening their position in the global market, thereby expanding their product portfolio and customer-base. Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG together are planning to develop commercial vehicles with the integration of advanced technology, thereby catering to the growing demand for fuel-efficiency and lower-emission vehicles.

Making heavy investments in Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG can be highly beneficial for other leading companies and manufacturers as entering into strategic alliance is the growing trend in the hybrid vehicles market across the globe. The two companies together are planning to introduce an electric & autonomous vehicle campus as well in the forthcoming years. According to the viewpoint of Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG, this potential strategic collaboration will benefit the companies in turning out to be more competitive as well as would help in better serving their customers across the globe.

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By Nikhil Kaitwade

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