Immense Initiatives by Various Governments to Contribute Significantly Towards Demand & Supply of Teleradiology

Teleradiology Market

Increasing number of cancer cases, especially in the developed regions has been stimulating the growth of teleradiology market in the forthcoming years. Apart from this, growing consumer awareness with regards to the usage of teleradiology along with easy accessibility of the technology is likely to boost the growth of global market on a larger basis.

A recent research by an established firm anticipates that the teleradiology market will be expanding at an outstanding 21.0%CAGR throughout 2016-2026, which is the forecast period. Apart from this, the teleradiology market will be touching an evaluation of nearly US$ 13.2Bn by 2026-end. Key players in this teleradiology market are inclusive of GE Healthcare, Argus Radiology, Teleradiology Providers, Foundation Radiology Group, Rays (Envision Healthcare Company), Mednax, Inc., Medica Group PLC and Teleradiology Solutions.

The aforementioned companies are likely to witness a considerable growth globally in the forthcoming years, which in turn will drive the teleradiology market as well. Key players and manufacturers have been taking immense efforts in focusing on developing strategic plans such as advancements, innovations, and product effectiveness as well as developing product portfolio, for the further expansion of teleradiology market.

Argus Radiology Expands its TeleRadiology Services

Key players and manufacturers must note that Argus Radiology recently informed the successful completion of their physician licensing, across Indiana. Apart from this, the company is also developing immediate strategic plans for expanding their modern teleradiology services for the purpose of radiology groups as well as hospital emergency departments across the state. The main point to focus on is that Argus Radiology has been taking immense efforts in multiplying its TeleRadiology marketplace along with witnessing favorable growth in the forthcoming years.

Key players and manufacturers must focus on the point that Argus Radiology is welcoming opportunities that turns out to be highly supportive to the Radiology group practices as well as is planning to make strategic developments, thereby catering to the existing and emerging needs of the customers.

GE Healthcare & Teleradiology Solutions Collaborate to Improve their Teleradiology Services

Key players and manufacturers must focus on the point that GE Healthcare and Teleradiology Solutions have collaborated in order to improve the access of customers towards the advanced and innovative radiology interpretation services. Most importantly, this collaboration will fuel in increased adoption of the advanced medical technologies as well as better patient outcomes in high-end markets across the globe.

The focal point is that medical technology leadership of GE Healthcare and Radiology Workflow Solution of Teleradiology Solutions is combined and introduced as RadSpa, which is highly beneficial for making Remote Radiology Reporting Service holistically available to the healthcare providers, especially in India. This will be done with the help of highly sophisticated as well as cutting-edge encryption technology, which is backed by more than 50 radiologists across India. The major benefit for the customers is that they can anytime opt for the Teleradiology services, which would cater to their existing as well as emerging needs with regards to skilled radiology resources.

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