Processed Foods to Increase Production Sales of Liquid Smoke

Liquid Smoke Market

Manufacturers in the global liquid smoke market are making heavy investments in R&D for expanding the existing production plants. This will help them in initiating new plants for increasing the production of processed foods such as seafood and meat products. Growing trend of pet humanization is expected to contribute significantly towards growth of global liquid smoke market. However, existing preference for conventional techniques of smoking processed food products is likely to hamper growth of the global market.

A recent report estimates that the global market for liquid smoke will expand at a robust 7.8% CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2027. Companies namely Kerry Group PLC, Besmoke Ltd., Red Arrow International LLC, B&G Foods, Inc., Frutarom Savory Solutions GmbH, Azelis SA and MSK Ingredients Ltd. amongst others will witness a significant growth globally. Leading companies are concentrating on marketing plans such as product innovations and expanding their product portfolio. Apart from this, companies such as Bell Flavors & Fragrances are also contributing towards expansion of the global market. 

Kerry Acquires Foster Needle Building

Kerry Group has planned to acquire Foster Needle building in Manitowoc for increasing the production of its liquid smoke products. After the acquisition, Kerry had renovated the facility and made it suitable for the further production of their products, especially processed foods. Liquid smoke products are expected to be an important part in the future of the company. Kerry planned to shift their operations from nearly three buildings to the larger Foster Needle facility. Back in 2015, Kerry Group had purchased around four facilities in Manitowoc, mainly as part of Red Arrow International LLC, acquisition.

Kerry Group manufactures food flavorings such as smoke or grilled, citrus and fruit flavors that are used in daily food products across the world. The new facility is likely to continue the production of wide range of liquid smoke products that are utilized by the consumers for flavoring products such as hams, lunch meats and hot dogs. Moreover, Kerry plans to support Manitowoc by providing comprehensive benefits, supporting national and local charitable organizations and access to wellness related programs. 

Bell Flavors & Fragrances Introduces Natural Alternative to Liquid Smoke

Bell Flavors & Fragrances recently introduced innovative smokeless smoke flavors that is a natural substitute to conventional liquid smoke. It includes variants ranging from the mesquite to cherrywood. The natural smoke flavors help in eliminating individual flavor nuances, which are popular currently. These smokeless smoke flavors offer ingredient label advantages, can be easily customized and will reduce the smoking time, thereby maintaining sharp smoked flavor.

Trending classic food preservation smokeless smoke variations include mesquite, hickory, pecan, cherrywood, applewood and smoke. Sparing the traditional norms, Bell Flavors & Fragrances plans to concentrate on innovative smokeless smoke flavors mainly for applications such as desserts, fruits, beverages, sauces, butter along with other savory and sweet applications.

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