Educational Institutions to Create Significant Opportunities for Digital Writing Instruments

Digital Writing Instruments Market

E-learning is expected to be the new generation education system. There has been increasing inclination of educational institutions towards advanced technologies and are taking immense efforts in adopting them on a larger basis. Tablets and smartphones hold the maximum usage of digital writing instruments. Banking on the increasing consumer needs and current trends, manufacturers are planning to develop innovative digital writing instruments.

A recent report anticipates that the global market for digital writing instruments will expand at a robust 9.4% CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2027, to touch an evaluation of more than US$ 2,200Mn by 2027-end. Companies namely Wacom Co., Ltd., Dell Technologies, Microsoft Corporation, Acer Inc., Apple Inc., Neo Smartpen Inc., and Apple Inc., among others will observe a noteworthy growth worldwide. Leading companies are working on marketing strategies such as product advancements and expanding their product portfolio. Apart from this, companies such as William Penn are also contributing towards expansion of the global market.

Wacom Launches Bamboo Tip: Active Capacitive Pen

Wacom recently launched a fine-tip stylus digital writing instrument named Bamboo Tip. This instrument does not ask for any special hardware to work on. It can be used to write on any display of the phone. Bamboo Tip has a battery life that can sustain up to 20hrs. The tip consists of 1.9mm with regards to diameter, thereby providing precision while writing and sketching. Moreover, this digital writing instrument does not require connected to any device like other active Bluetooth pens need. In one click, the Bamboo Tip is ready to function.

Bamboo Tip is a well-balanced instrument, made up of anodized aluminum and is available only available in dark blue color, along with few black accents on it. The design has been developed in a very minimalistic way coupled with tiny logo that has a clip at the top, for attaching it to the cover of tablets. A small button is positioned at the middle of the pen which helps in turning the pen on and off. The tiny LED light indicates whenever the pen is switched on or is put for charging. If the tip is not used for some time, the pen automatically puts itself at battery saving mode.

Apart from the abovementioned information, there is also a MicroUSB port on the top of the pen for charging. A small switch is provided to optimize performance of the instrument depending on its usage on a device. It is likely that there would be an increase in the production of Bamboo Tip, especially in drawing, sketching and note-taking in educational institutions.

William Penn Brings NASA Pens to India

Fisher Space is an official maker of pens for NASA, pens that do not depend on gravity for ink flow. Now, William Penn has brought this pen to India. In this digital period, tablets and smartphones are ruling the world on a larger basis. William Penn is a supplier of smart wallets and smart pens as well. The company recently observed nearly 15% annual growth and is planning to strengthen its base on e-commerce in the forthcoming years. William Penn is likely to observe plausible funding and opportunities in the forthcoming years that would help in the expansion of their business. The company is working on increasing its sales in Paytm, Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart.

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