Strategic Collaborations to Significantly Benefit Market for AGV (automated guided vehicle) In the Long Run

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Market

Healthcare expenditure is likely to increase in the low-income and emerging economies, which in turn marks an important role for AGV (automated guided vehicle) to play in the forthcoming years. Growing demand from service and manufacturing sectors for automated products is also expected to increase the expenditure on automated products, which in turn positively impacts on the growth of market for AGV (automated guided vehicle) during the estimated period. Apart from this, increased industrial production and rapid urbanization are likely to form a perfect cocktail for significant growth of market for AGV (automated guided vehicle).

A recent study predicts that market for AGV (automated guided vehicle) will develop at a robust CAGR of 10.6%, over the estimated period, 2017-2027, in order to reach an evaluation of nearly US$ 2.5Bn by 2027-end. Companies namely Kuka AG, Transbotics Corporation, Bastian Solutions, Inc., E&K Automation GMBH, Toyota Industries Corporation, SSI Schaefer and Oceaneering International Inc. among others are expected to experience a rapid growth worldwide. Manufacturers as well as leading players are preparing to completely concentrate on developing plans related to the market for AGV (automated guided vehicle), such as product efficiency, innovations and advancements along with substantial development in their product lines.

Kuka AG Collaborates with Swisslog to Help CarryPick

Kuka AG recently collaborated with Swisslog and developed a new AGV (automated guided vehicle) namely, KMP600. Key players and manufacturers must note the point that Synergies have been increasingly allowing adoption of various technical enhancements, which makes the AGV (automated guided vehicle) highly beneficial for multiple industries. Plans to make heavy investments in CarryPick solutions would be extremely beneficial as their solution will be worldwide supported as being a part of the product portfolio of Kuka AG.

The collaboration aims at better mechatronics that would be beneficial in making the vehicle quieter as well as enables better ergonomic workspace, thereby increasing the battery life. The existing and emerging customers of Kuka AG and Swisslog will benefit by approaching holistically with just one supplier with greater support level and lower risk, as CarryPick solutions is considered as the global service network.

Holistic Benefits with CarryPick Solutions

Swisslog Company is of the point of view that with this collaboration, the company has been highly benefitted with perfect integration of all components. Apart from this, rapidly adopting newer technologies for the purpose of catering to the new challenges of the market as well as test team under various scenarios is expected to significantly impact the growth of market for AGV (automated guided vehicle) as well. The main point for the key players and manufacturers to note is that benefits offered by the new CarryPick Solutions will help in expansion of the customer-base across the globe.

Swisslog Company is planning to further develop holistic solutions, in order to cater to the exact customer needs, thereby integrating the entire components of CarryPick Solutions, from the new AGV (automated guided vehicle) namely, KMP600, with the help of software that is located in-house. The expert team will be collaborating with the customers, thereby assuring that the service assistance will be made available from one source.

Kuka AG and Swisslog are of the point of view that the new software helps in attaining a positive and seamless user experience. Development of CarryPick module in the novel SynQ software platform of Swisslog, customers will no more have to approach for diverse systems, which helps in reducing the probability of risk with regards to errors as well as downtime. Key players and manufacturers must plan to invest on this CarryPick Solutions as it is expected to constantly update as well as add features that would offer the best solutions across complete lifecycle of solution.

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