Mining Industry Will Continue To Stimulate the Growth of Global Dry Washers Market

Dry Washer Market

Increasing demand from mining industry, deserted and arid areas is expected to significantly contribute towards the growth of global dry washers market. Opportunities for gold mining is increasing in the deserted as well as water scarce regions, which in turn will accelerate the need for dry washers. However, low effectiveness of dry washers compared to conventional washers is one of the major factor restraining the growth of global dry washers market

Considering the aforementioned factor and banking to the increasing needs of the customers, manufacturers are taking heavy efforts in developing effective solutions to curb this issue and introduce highly efficient dry washers. Apart from this, increasing disposable income amongst the rising middle class urban populace is surging the demand for valuable metals like gold.

Companies namely Syntec Engineering, Thompson Drywashers, Royal Manufacturing LLC, Shanghai Zenith Minerals Co., Ltd., Keene Engineering, Shibang Machinery Co., and Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc will observe a remarkable growth globally. Leading companies are concentrating on marketing plans such as product innovations and expanding their product portfolio. Apart from this, companies such as Ascot USA Inc. are also contributing towards the expansion of global dry washer market.

Ascot USA Inc. Receives Approval for Exploratory Mining of Precious Metals

Ascot USA Inc., a mining company in Canada received approval from the Forest Service of U.S. to perform exploratory mining of molybdenum, silver, copper and gold, nearby Mount St. Helens. The company received approval after an environmental assessment that was conducted by BLM (Bureau of Land Management) along with a 45-day pre-verdict analysis period. This permit helps Ascot USA Inc. in fulfilling its need to drill nearly 63 wayside exploration holes, which measures around two to three inches in diameter. The process of drilling is expected to take place on southern slope of the Goat Mountain, which is nearly twelve miles north-east of St. Helens. As part of this excavation, the need for dry washers is expected to surge in U.S., especially in the mining industry.

It has been mentioned that minerals were discovered first on the Goat Mountain. Therefore, this factor along with recent growth in gold and copper prices with improved technology, the need for exploring hardrock minerals has turned out to be essential. The Forest Service of U.S. had clearly mentioned that the approval is applicable only for exploration purpose and not for any additional usage.

The Forest Service of U.S. raises concerns over potential of future mining and the regulatory bodies along with other federal agencies is planning to develop special permits, which would only support exploration activity. Such regulation would create opportunities for the manufacturers of dry washers market.

Apart from this, concerns have been raised by the conservationists regarding the health of neighboring Green River. However, the drilling near Mount St. Helens depicts the valuable benefits that the nearby public places provide to the families and the recreation economy. Lastly, approval of the Forest Service of U.S. was only needed for excavation purpose. However, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is yet to grant Ascot USA Inc. permission, for mining.

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