Development of Refractories to Drive Production Sales of Graphite

Graphite Market

Growing demand for the electric vehicles worldwide, especially in the developed countries is likely to stimulate the production sales of graphite on a larger basis. Apart from this, increasing demand for graphite from the mining companies as well as end-use industries are leading to channelizing efforts for the purpose of development and exploration of the potential graphite mines across diverse regions. Besides, some regions are also witnessing slowdown in the demand supply of graphite due to implementation of several environmental rules and regulations. Rapid increase in steel production is expected to stimulate the consumption of graphite across various regions.

A recent study predicts that the graphite market will develop at a healthy CAGR of 6.7%, over the estimated period, 2017-2027 and had reached an evaluation of nearly US$ 16,740Mn by 2017-end. Companies namely SGL Carbon SE, AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V., Nippon Carbon Co., Ltd., Imerys S.A., Fangda Carbon New Material Co., Ltd., Showa Denko K.K. and Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd among others are expected to experience a rapid growth worldwide. Manufacturers as well as leading players are preparing to completely concentrate on developing plans related to the graphite market, such as product efficiency, innovations and advancements along with substantial development in their product lines.

SGL Group Plans to Make Heavy Investment for Expanding Its Specialty Graphite Production

Key players and manufacturers must note that SGL Group has made big plans to invest nearly €25Mn for the purpose of expanding its specialty graphite production. The automotive industry has been increasing its demand for specialty graphite from the SGL Group and the related solutions since the recent past. The company had mentioned that the material has been benefitting them with regards to bearings for the purpose of exhaust gas management, water pumps as well as vanes and rotors in the vacuum pumps or the sealing rings.

SGL Group is planning to invest nearly 25 million euros for the expansion of its specialty graphite production at its Bonn site, which is inclusive of a new hall and new production system as well. According to the current scenario, the expansion is expected to be end by 2020.

SGL Carbon SE Develops a New Vacuum Pump from Diabon Graphite

Key players and manufacturers must note that SGL Carbon SE has introduced its new initiatives as well as the new corporate brand. SGL Carbon SE along with the technology group GEA has recently developed a new vacuum pump of steam jet, which is made up of Diabon graphite. The notable point is that, in comparison to the pumps that are made up of porcelain, the new vacuum pump holds several benefits such as faster delivery times, a better degree of design choice as well as energy savings up till 30%.

Leading companies can plan to make heavy investments in SGL Carbon SE as it can help in strengthening the position in the global market, along with expansion of customer-base across the globe. Apart from this, SGL Carbon SE is also taking immense efforts to expand its 3D printing expertise towards silicon carbide, which is under the name of Sicaprint.

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