Innovative Developments by BluFit to Contribute Significantly Towards Production Sales of Smart Water Bottles

Smart Water Bottle Market

Manufacturers are increasing the development of smart fitness devices in developed and developing countries, banking to the needs of health-conscious consumers. These factors are majorly driving the growth of global market for smart water bottles. Growth of the global market is also due to easy acceptance of consumers towards advanced and innovative technologies. Innovative sensor technologies, increased product offerings and growing GDP per capital are some other factors driving the production sales of smart water bottles. However, high-cost of smart water bottles are likely to reduce its demand in the forthcoming years.

A recent report anticipates that the global market for smart water bottles will expand at an outstanding 27.50% CAGR during the forecast period, 2014-2020, to touch an evaluation of nearly US$10.7Mn by the end of 2020. Companies namely Caktus Inc., HydraCoach and BluFit will observe a substantial growth worldwide. Leading companies are concentrating on marketing strategies such as product developments and expanding their product portfolio. 

BluFit Water Bottles to Integrate Smart Sensors

BluFit is planning to connect smart water bottles to a smartphone as that would help in relaying data regarding the user’s water consumption and helps in following up target on a daily basis. For determining accuracy regarding intake of water every day, the smartphone application checks and saves the user’s age, weight, normal humidity in the area and its current temperature as well. Smart sensors on the 32-ounce bottle maintains record of the amount of consumed water and the exact time of intake as well. Manufacturers are expected to adopt such innovative technologies as the data collected is being sent to the smartphones through Bluetooth, which enables the users in viewing daily progress as well as track on every movement of the user with regards to consumption of water.

Apart from this, users can also set personal goals and alarms for the same purpose and stay alert and self-tracked. Manufacturers are also working towards developing LED lights on the smart water bottles in order to provide colorful and attractive visual alert. During humid or hot climate, the users will be more benefitted with the smart water bottles as the temperature sensor in it indicates the approximate hydration level of the user, which in turn increases the need for such smart products. 

Significant Benefits with Smart Water Bottles by BluFit

It is also believed that athletes can be significantly benefitted with smart water bottles as it helps in maintaining their hydration level by preventing decrease in sodium levels in blood which is likely to lead towards hyponatremia. The smart water bottles by BluFit are compatible with iOS as well as Android mobile devices. The battery is expected to sustain for nearly 7-10days.

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