Automotive Industry Will Continue to Create Lucrative Growth Opportunities for Electrical Steel Market

Electrical Steel Market

Key players and manufacturers in the aerospace industry are planning to increase the usage of electrical steel in the years to come. With regards to revenue growth, regions such as Japan, Europe and North America are expected to turn out to be highly lucrative for the electrical steel market. Rise in the production of automobiles is expected to pave ways for significant production sales of electrical steel in the coming years.

Future Market Insights carried out a thorough analysis regarding the electrical steel market, after which, the analysts came to a point wherein they could deliver important facts and figures. Report also anticipates that the electrical steel market will raise at a healthy 7.7% CAGR throughout the projection period 2015-2026, in order to get close to a value of US$ 38.4Bn by 2026-end.

Constructing potential electrical steel, which would be enormously helpful for end-users will most probably be taken as a notable trend, positively influencing the complete growth of electrical steel market. Valuable information with regards to growth of electrical steel market during the estimated period is also delivered by our analysts. Apart from this, analysts did make sure that they have catered to the increasing concerns of industry helpers and market watchers in the electrical steel market.

Can you specify as to how manufacturers in the electrical steel market are contributing towards the global market growth?

Certainly. Well, analysts are of the viewpoint that manufacturers planning to considerably increase the concentration of aluminium and silicon on a lower aluminium or silicon steel substrate.

Can you point out the most important insights with regards to geographical landscape of electrical steel market?

Yes. I can. APEJ is expected to dominate the electrical steel market throughout the anticipated period. Also, China is likely to play a significant role with regards to revenue growth of the market in the region.

Can you just emphasize on the exceptional factors that can be considered as positively influencing growth of the electrical steel market?

Yes. I shall. Superior electric and magnetic features offered by electrical steel compared to its alternatives has been significantly driving the production sales of the product across the globe. Increasing infrastructural investments and rapid industrialization is expected to exceptionally contribute towards growth of electrical steel market.

What is significantly trending in the electrical steel market?

Well, analysis indicates that increasing electrical resistivity in the NGOES will result in reduction of magnetic losses, thereby proliferating the capacity of aluminium or silicon in the electrical steel sheets. Electrical steel of non-grain oriented type is expected to create significant revenue growth in the electrical steel market across the globe.

Would you like to cite the major players who have a superior hold on the electrical steel market?

Oh yes. Definitely. The thorough analysis indicates that Höganäs AB, Phoenix Mecano AG, NICORE ELECTRICAL MANUFCTORY CO., LTD, AK Steel Corporation, Cogent Power Limited, ThyssenKrupp AG and voestalpine AG amongst others are the major players who have a superior hold on the electrical steel market.

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