Residential Sector Likely to Drive Production Sales of Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Market

Increasing initiatives from governments for the purpose of reducing carbon footprints has been significantly fuelling the growth of heat pumps market since the recent past. Apart from this, increasing usage of renewable sources with regards to energy for the purpose of cooling and heating has is expected to influence the global market growth in the years to come. Growing awareness with regards to the cost effectiveness of heat pumps will further stimulate the production sales of heat pumps across the globe.

Future Market Insights had made it a point to mention in their recent report that there is a possibility of healthy CAGR growth by 7.1% of the heat pumps market over the anticipated period, 2016-2026. Besides, the heat pumps market reached an estimation of closely US$ 6,491.7Mn by the end of 2016. Creating effectual heat pumps for the benefit of end-users has been taken into account as a noteworthy trend that influences in fuelling overall growth of the heat pumps market. The report similarly delivers highly valuable information based on growth of the heat pumps market, for the oncoming years.

Furthermore, all of our analysts who made it up for this report’s development have ensured that highly constructive insights are made available for the reader’s benefit regarding the expansion of the heat pumps market, throughout 2026. Also, immense efforts have been taken by our analysts to meet up growing concerns of the market observers as well as industry benefactors, mainly in relation to the heat pumps market.

Can you pick up the most important aspects that are fuelling growth of the heat pumps market?

Why not. Increasing number of construction industry together with rising implementation of stringent regulations by governments for the new buildings are amongst the important aspects that are fuelling growth of the heat pumps market. Key players and manufactures are focusing on strategic developments considering the climatic and geographic conditions as well.

Can you pick up the most important aspects that are hampering growth of the heat pumps market?

Why not. Lack of awareness with regards to advantages of the product as well as high installation costs have been the most important aspects that are hampering the growth of heat pumps market.

Have you come across any trends in the heat pumps market?

Well, yes, analysts did. The report indicates that there has been significant rise in the production of energy effective heat pumps. Manufacturers are planning to develop more environment friendly heat pumps, which in turn will help them in meeting to the growing requirements of the customers.

Which regions in the heat pumps market are beneficial for the overall growth?

Well, China and Japan are likely to prove extremely lucrative for the heat pumps market due to growing initiatives from the regions’ government with regards to energy policies for the purpose of heating. Price sensitive developing regions suffer the most with regards to the aforementioned restraining factors. Europe is likely to dominate the heat pumps market during the anticipated period.

In the heat pumps market, are there any players who stand out amongst the rest existing and emerging ones?

Yes. Of course. Analysis has displayed Daikin Industries Limited, Panasonic Corporation, Glen Dimplex Group, Viessmann Group, NIBE Group, The Bosch Group and United Technologies Corporation as the players in the heat pumps market who stand out amongst the rest existing and emerging ones.

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By Nikhil Kaitwade

With over 8 years of experience in market research and consulting industry, Nikhil has worked on more than 250 research assignments pertaining to chemicals, materials and energy sector. He has worked directly with about 35 reputed companies as lead consultant for plant expansion, product positioning, capacity factor analysis, new market/segment exploration, export market opportunity evaluation and sourcing strategies.

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