Smart Cities to Create Opportunities for Manufacturers in Automotive Sensors Industry

Automotive Sensors

Increasing need for advanced and innovative sensors in affordable prices is expected to drive the growth of global market for automotive sensors. Revenue shares in the industry is likely to increase as a result of lifelong supply relations with leading manufacturers that cater to the increasing needs of the customers. Manufacturers are working towards efficient and well-structured supply chain together with improved retailing network for the purpose of aftermarket automotive sensors. These factors are expected to be cure strategies applied by existing as well as emerging manufacturers for reaching out to the customers.

A recent report anticipates that the global market for automotive sensors will expand at a robust 7.6% CAGR during the forecast period, 2018-2028, to touch an evaluation of nearly US$ 39Bn by 2028-end. Companies namely Robert Bosch GmbH, Analog Devices, Infineon Technologies AG, Denso Corporation, Elmos Semiconductor AG, Inc., STMicroelectronics N.V., and Allegro MicroSystems, LLC among others will witness a sizeable growth globally. Leading companies are intent on marketing schemes such as product developments and expanding their product portfolio.

Denso Corporation Launched a New Vision Sensor for Safe Night Driving Purpose

Denso Corporation recently launched a new vision sensor that helps in detecting driving lanes, road signs, cyclists and mainly pedestrians along with other road users. New vision sensor along with the millimeter wave sensor, enables automobiles in automatically activating emergency braking as soon as obstacles are identified. Manufacturers must increase the production of such vision sensors for automobiles as this would help in reducing accidents and improves holistic vehicle safety. Key players can have a glimpse as to how Denso Corporation is taking efforts to go hand in hand with emerging safety technologies, which again plays a significant role in the betterment of future mobility.

Apart from this, the customers can benefit with this new vision sensor as they offer better night vision with the help of unique lens that is particularly created for the purpose of low-light usage. It also consists of solid-state imaging machine, which holds higher sensitivity feature. It is also observed that this new vision sensor is nearly 40% smaller in size compared to other sensor models, which makes its installation easier along with reduction in cost. Key players must note that Denso Corporation is taking incredible efforts in developing products and technologies that would help in creating a society free of traffic mishaps. M&A with Denso Corporation can help manufacturers in further developing secure and safe automotive society for existing as well as emerging customers.

Robert Bosch GmbH Leveraging Its Proficiency in Sensor Software & Technology

Robert Bosch GmbH is planning to multiply its horizons in automotive industry by leveraging its proficiency in sensor software and technology. Apart from this, the company is focusing on expanding its presence in smart-cities. This move is expected to reduce pollution along with urban overcrowding population. Robert Bosch GmbH has been considerably producing huge quantities of micromechanical sensors.

According to the current scenario, every city is planning to obtain the benefits out of emerging smart technologies, which can give existing as well as emerging market players an opportunity for expanding their business. Adoption of right technology and emergence of innovative sensors with predictive analytics, big data and artificial intelligence will additionally help in economic viability of the country as well.

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