Sustainability Needs to Drive the Production Sales of OEM Insulation

OEM Insulation Market

OEM insulation market is likely to witness excessive prevalence of the mineral wool insulations in the forthcoming years. Increasing private and public investments in the food & beverage, petrochemical, oil and gas, energy and industrial sectors are expected to drive the demand for OEM insulation in the upcoming years.

A recent study by Future Market Insights predicts a sluggish 3.8% CAGR growth of OEM insulation market during the anticipated period, 2018-2028. In addition, the OEM insulation market is likely to touch an evaluation of more than US$ 19,500Mn by 2028-end. Developing effective OEM insulation for end-users is possible to be a vital trend, increasingly impacting growth of OEM insulation market. Besides, the report poses constructive insights for the growth of OEM insulation market in the forthcoming years.

Analysts that have been part of this report development made sure that they have delivered valuable information as to how OEM insulation market will expand through 2028. Additionally, our analysts have catered to the growing concerns of industry participants and market observers.

According to you, what are the factors contributing towards growth of OEM insulation market?

Well, based on analysis, there is increasing need for conserving energy due to growing demand for sustainable manufacturing, which in turn is expected to drive the production sales of OEM insulation in the forthcoming years. Governments across various countries are taking immense efforts in improving the industrial output. Development of eco-friendly and natural insulating materials to prove significantly beneficial for OEM insulation market.

What according to you are the major factors hampering the growth of OEM insulation market?

Well, depending on the analysis, there are hazardous waste outcomes after destruction from OEM insulation as it contains CFCs. Apart from this, varying prices of crude oil and raw materials are also hampering the growth of global market.

Would you like to provide some useful insights with regards to regions in the OEM insulation market?

Definitely yes. North America and APAC regions are expected to be highly lucrative for OEM insulation market in the near future. China is likely to take the lead in the OEM insulation market and will be generating significant revenues in the forthcoming years due to rising concerns with regards to fire safety. APAC countries are expected to increase the usage of OEM insulation in the forthcoming years due to rising infrastructural investments.

Which sector is expected to create significant revenues for OEM insulation market?

Well, the analysis predicts that the non-residential construction sector is expected to increase the usage of OEM insulation in the forthcoming years, leading to higher generation of revenues for the global market. HVAC systems and industrial sectors are likely to create increasing demand for OEM insulation due to factors such as energy and cost effectiveness. Manufacturing sector will pose significant growth opportunities for OEM insulation market.

Can you mention some key players in the OEM insulation market?

Of course. Some of the key players that analysts have profiled are inclusive of Kaneka Corporation, Knauf Insulation Inc., Styrotech, Inc., Johns Manville Corporation, Paroc Group Oy, ICP Adhesives and Sealants, Inc. (Fomo Products, Inc.) and Shannon Enterprises of Western New York Inc.

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By Nikhil Kaitwade

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