Strategic Acquisitions to Contribute Towards Generating Higher Revenues for Fish Oil Market

Fish Oil Market

Manufacturers as well as key players are making heavy investments in R&D for the purpose of product and process advancements and innovations. Growing awareness with regards to advantages of healthy food & beverage products has significantly led to changes in consumer eating habits, which in turn has increased the demand for fish oil.

A recent study by Future Market Insights predicts a healthy 6.7% CAGR growth of fish oil market during the anticipated period, 2018-2028. In addition, the fish oil market is likely to touch an evaluation of nearly US$ 2,166.3Mn by 2028-end. Developing effective fish oil for end-users is possible to be a vital trend, increasingly impacting growth of fish oil market. Besides, the report poses constructive insights for the growth of fish oil market in the forthcoming years.

Analysts that have been part of this report development made sure that they have delivered valuable information as to how fish oil market will expand through 2028. Additionally, our analysts have catered to the growing concerns of industry participants and market observers.

Which industry according to you is likely to continue contributing towards growth of fish oil market?

Well, based on analysis, the aquaculture industry will continue contributing significantly towards growth of fish oil market in the forthcoming years. Advancements and innovations in aquaculture farming will drive in higher revenues for the global market.

What are the manufacturers doing for the expansion of fish oil market?

Manufacturers in the fish oil market are increasingly focusing on improving the supply chain of refining and production. Due to increasing consumer demand for healthy offerings, manufacturers are working on developing sugar-free and low calorie products along with supply in affordable prices, in order to attract customer attention, thereby expanding their customer base. Apart from this, manufacturers are also planning to develop fish oil products of the finest quality along with innovative product types, grades, quality standards as well as certifications.

According to you, what are the major factors contributing towards growth of fish oil market?

Well, technological advancements and innovations with regards to both end-use industry as well as supply level of the fish oil is likely to contribute significantly towards the growth of fish oil market. Increasing availability and distribution of high-quality raw materials is likely to support the growth of fish oil market in the forthcoming years. Increasing demand for the fatty acid supplements of Omega-3 is fuelling the production sales of fish oil worldwide.

What according to you are the major factors that are likely to hamper the growth of fish oil market?

Well, low amount of fish oil addition in the aquafeed is expected to considerably hamper the growth of fish oil market in the forthcoming years.

Do you wish to provide some useful insights with regards to regions in fish oil market?

Yes. Of course. Increasing strategic partnerships amongst the companies in European and Latin American regions are driving the growth of fish oil market in these two regions. Europe’s food & beverage sector is expected to create significant revenues supporting the turnover and growth of the region’s fish oil market. Key players can seek robust opportunities for expansion of their business in France due to increasing preference for ready-made and pre-cooked food products.

Can you mention some of the important players in fish oil market?

Yes. Sure. Well, some of the important players profiled by analysts are inclusive of Fahad Fishmeal & Oil Company, Omega Protein Corporation, China Fishery Group Ltd., FMC Corporation, Pesquera Hayduk S.A., TASA (Tecnologica De Alimentos S.A.) and Blueline Foods India Pvt Ltd.

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