New technologies and Eco-Friendly Construction to Boost Growth of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles Market

Over the years, ceramic tiles have become a pre-requisite in the construction industry. The superior finish and high aesthetic value of ceramic tiles have led to their extensive use in floor and wall design of residences and commercial spaces. As the need to develop eco-friendly buildings is on the rise, ceramic tiles are becoming a top choice in the industry; because these are made of organic materials such as clay and mud. These tiles are available in multiple variants to cater to diverse industry needs.

Owing to features like sturdiness, texture, easy maintenance, cost efficiency, water and heat resistance and customized designs, ceramic tiles are being widely used in interior decoration. These factors are encouraging businesses to divert their investment towards the production and sale of ceramic tiles. According to a recently published report, the ceramic tiles market is expected to register a CAGR of 9.3% during the forecast period, 2015-19.

Novel Technologies in Ceramics Tiles Market Continue to Boost its Demands

Growing need to incorporate textures that match the look of natural resources such as stone, wood, and marble is fuelling businesses to choose ceramic tiles over granite and stone. The wider scope to incorporate creative and fashionable designs to both indoor and outdoor requirements is also directing businesses to invest in ceramic tiles and thereby sustain their durability in the market. To achieve this objective, companies are investing actively in 3D printing technology on ceramic tiles.

Introducing nanocomposite materials in the ceramic tile industry has been observed to make positive changes in the growth of the market. Embedding these nano-sized particles improves the quality of the ceramics and makes it more resistant to wear and tear, along with improving the mechanical properties. This has led the leading manufacturers to explore new technologies pertaining to nanocomposite materials.

The concept of infrastructure improvement is gaining momentum in various countries, which has led the respective governments to execute programs to encourage the development of improved urban infrastructure. This tilt towards upgrading urban infrastructure is, in turn, accelerating demand for ceramic tiles.

New Acquisitions Create Growth Opportunities for Mohawk

With the acquisition of Emilceramica, Mohawk has accomplished its objective to expand its ceramics business in Italy. This merger would focus on improving the innovative techniques of Mohawk and position it at the top of the graph. Mohawk would benefit substantially in terms of industrial and commercial strategies laid down by Emilceramica. Mohawk has also purchased 100% shares in Polcolorit. The latter is a ceramic tile producer in Poland. The company is reputed to be one of the oldest ceramics manufacturers in Poland. It specializes in producing superior tiles for kitchen and bathroom flooring. This collaboration is expected to boost Mohawk’s market penetration.

Porcelanosa Grupo Start Operations in South Asia

Recently, in a landmark step towards expanding its business in Southern Asia, Porcelanosa Grupo has inaugurated a showroom in Sri Lanka. With this venture, the company has penetrated a new market and aspires to fulfill the growing requirements of the world-class products required in the architectural and interior design domains of the region. The company has a strong presence in Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania. This new showroom is the flagship initiative to explore new opportunities and establish its foothold in the market.

RAK Ceramics Introduce New Range of Novelty Products

Followed by a recent brand repositioning strategy called, ‘Room for Imagination’, RAK Ceramics has unleashed its new line of vintage ceramic tiles. This new range represents the new trends in the ceramic industry, such as fashionable shapes and designs, glossy finish of the tiles. The company has used innovative design techniques such as amalgamating velvets metals and lacquered wood. This new range would include a Maximus Mega slabs for floor, walls and countertop surfaces which will be available in new dimensions of size and thickness.

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