Increasing Demand for Protein Drugs to Boost Growth of the Protein/Antibodies Market

Antibodies Market

Adoption of the genetic engineering techniques continues to remain concentrated towards modification or alteration of the protein structures with to produce hybrid proteins with desired biological functionalities. To broaden the scope research, leading research institutions are adopting these techniques to understand the implications of diverse outcomes and developing biomedical formulations. Of various industries, adoption of genetic engineering techniques will continue to remain high in the food and beverage industry to ensure the quality of the food products through protein engineering techniques. Apart from these, biologics, biosensors, environmental applications, industrial applications, synthetic biology applications, and nanotechnology are also some of the fields wherein protein engineering applications are used.

According to a recent report, the antibodies accounted for a huge market share of about USD 30 billion in 2014. The antibody engineering is a new discipline identified that is currently in a development phase attributed to the implementation of novel technological solutions that are adopted in the field. There are strong possibilities that the market will experience robust growth for the forecast period, 2014-20. Beryllium, Precision Antibody, ProSci Incorporated, Fusion Antibodies, and BioXcell have been identified as the key players in the protein/antibody engineering market. In order to leverage the optimum potential of the market, companies are taking up unique ways such as mergers and implementation of advanced technological solutions to ensure durability.

Trends Influencing Growth Prospects of the Antibodies Engineering Market

In order to overcome the limitations of Hybridoma technology, phage display technique, and genetic engineering techniques have been incorporated to produce engineered antibodies attributed to immunoprotective qualities for improved drug development. With these novel and innovative solutions, leading manufacturers of the therapeutic medicine and researchers in the immunology biotechnology field will continue to benefit.

Prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity has revved up demand for protein drugs, which in turn is largely impacting the antibodies engineering market. Growing requirement for protein drugs in the healthcare industry is likely to influence the market further over the coming years.

Precision Antibody and Path to Collaborate and Launch Monoclonal Antibodies

Precision Antibody is a market leader in monoclonal antibody development. Through joint venture with Path, which is an international health organization, the companies are focusing on introducing new techniques in the diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum malaria.

The collaboration will launch custom monoclonal antibodies, which will be powerful enough to rapidly detect, treat and eliminate the occurrence of malaria. In order to develop effective malaria antigen detection tests to diagnose Plasmodium falciparum malaria has led the companies to develop superior monoclonal antibodies.

Beryllium’s Latest Venture Focuses on Improved Cancer Treatment Solutions to Improve Position in the Market

In the field of structural biology, Beryllium has announced its recent partnership with Deciphera Pharmaceuticals with the aim to develop innovative technologies for the treatment of cancer. The companies will upgrade human health by developing improved quality of immune-targeted and tumor-targeted therapies.

Beryllium’s accurate information on gene-to-structure about multiple kinase targets will clarity pertaining to Deciphera’s activities on kinase inhibitor discovery. Through this alliance, the companies are concentrating on introducing a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer.

Apart from aforementioned key players, leading companies such as Novartis and GenScript are also focusing on developing novel and innovative products to improve their position in the global market. For instance, Novartis, a top pharmaceutical company has entered in a partnership with Xencor, a biopharmaceutical company to develop antibodies on XmAb technology. In addition, Genscript has announced its acquittal of CustomArray Inc. Superior array based synthetic technologies of CustomArray will directly impact GenScript’s antibody engineering in order to achieve better market penetration.

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