Increasing Complex Labor Tasks to Stimulate Production Sales of Electric Motors

Electric Motors Market

Advanced and innovative manufacturing techniques have been taking place since the recent past, which is transforming the global automotive industry on a larger basis. According to the current scenario, machines are turning out to be more reliable than skilled labor due to the efficient performance of machines in dealing with complex tasks. Significant transformation is expected in the manufacturing industries along with integration of the robotic technologies.

Apart from this, rising government regulations as well as consumer awareness with regards to reduction of energy consumption has led to increasing demand for the energy proficient products on a large scale. Most of all, these stringent regulations are likely to compel the industries in replacing the existing motors with electric motors that provide high efficiency, which in turn is expected to fuel the growth of global market.

A recent report anticipates that the market for electric motors will expand at a moderate 4.7% CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2027, to reach an evaluation of nearly US$ 145.8Bn by 2027-end. Companies namely Nidec Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, East West Manufacturing, LLC, Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd., Emerson Electric Company, Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems Co. Ltd. and ABB Group amongst others will witness a notable growth globally. Prominent companies are planning to focus on marketing strategies such as product innovations and increasing their product portfolio.

Nidec Corporation Develops an Innovative Electric Motor

Nidec Corporation recently announced that it has developed an innovative and completely integrated traction motor systems named e-axle, which consists of invertor, reduction gear box and electric motor. Key players and manufacturers must note that the company has advanced its e-axle product in order to cater to the increasing demands of customers for automobile electrification. The notable point is that apart from integrating the inverter, the torque output capacity of e-axle is been improved on a larger basis.

The innovative development of e-axle enables in wiring between the components, which in turn results towards a better and innovative compact system that proliferates the flexibility of design. This new system covers a wide-ranging array of applications, which is likely to range from compact vehicles towards SUV platforms. Manufacturers must focus on the point that it is even compatible with the AWD automobiles. This is possible due to the optional clutch mechanism, which can be detached in cases when only two wheels require the power push. Mainly, this development is likely to help Nidec Corporation in strengthening its position in the global market.

Robert Bosch GmbH to Outsource Cells Required Development of Electric Motors

Robert Bosch GmbH recently announced that it has plans to outsource cells that are required to develop battery systems, power electronics and electric motor. Key players and manufacturers must note that the major automakers are focusing on expanding the range of their vehicles by integrating several electrified models. Apart from this, there are emerging start-ups that are entering in the market for electric motors with their new and innovative electromobility concepts.

Robert Bosch GmbH is taking immense efforts in developing market strategies, which is inclusive of factors such as energy efficiency of electric vehicles, systems expertise for intelligently linking all the modules of powertrain. The company is also planning to work on usage of standardized components that would help the customers in receiving affordable and scalable electromobility. Most of all, manufacturers must note that the company is working towards developing cells for electric and hybrid vehicles batteries. For the same, Robert Bosch GmbH is disbanding its research in future and current cell technologies that would eventually help the customers with wide-ranging choice of purchase.

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