Development of New Apps for the Healthcare Industry to Boost Production Sales of Digital Wound Measurement Device

Digital Wound Measurement Devices Market

According to a recent news, advancements and innovations with regards to digital phase are taking place in the healthcare industry. These digital transformations are basically meant to help the healthcare providers with accurate measurements of wounds without the help of any invasive device. Apart from this, new approach benefits have been developed for clinicians and patients in order to receive effective checks with regards to burns, debilitating pressure ulcers and various other wounds.

A research firm, Future Market Insights is of the view that there is growing demand for digital wound measurement device due to increasing prevalence of the chronic diseases, rising product innovation as well as advancements and surging ageing population. However, high costs of latest technologies along with lack of skilled experts are some factors restraining the growth of market for digital wound measurement device. Key players and manufacturers in the market are working towards introducing and developing advanced and innovative products and medical devices by means of technological innovation. This in turn caters to the increasing shift from conventional wound measurement devices towards advanced and newer options.

Swift Medical Launches an Innovative AutoDepth Technology

According to recent news, the healthcare industry has been taking immense efforts for bringing about variations in digital innovations that would help the healthcare providers to accurately measure wounds without the help of any invasive devices. Key players and manufacturers must note that Swift Medical, the Toronto-based wound care company has developed an AutoDepth technology for the purpose of helping the clinicians in taking wound depth measurements. These measurements will be taken by means of a smartphone rather than invasive and expensive medical devices.

Consumers will be benefitted with the new smartphone app, as it measures the wound’s depth by just being waved over the injury in wand-like fashion. This app traces thousands of spots in the images, thereby generating information required to determine the depth of the complete wound without any physical contact. Manufacturers must focus on the point that this smartphone app helps in sharing information, associations between patients and healthcare providers and most of all, is an effective and cheaper alternative to the high-end expensive equipment. Consumers can rely on the smartphone app as it provides an accuracy equal to 3D camera sensor-like approach. This AutoDepth technology is highly beneficial for everyone involved in the wound care management.

Development of 3D Imaging Software in Swansea

Manufacturers can focus on the effective treatment developed for the benefit of patients suffering from burns, debilitating pressure ulcers and various other wounds. Innovative 3D imaging software is operated on the Panasonic Toughpad tablets, which is developed by the health informatics company GPC in Swansea. Key players and manufacturers must note that the newly developed 3D wound care technology can capture and measure accurately any 3D image of burns and ulcers with the help of the photo taken by Panasonic Toughpad tablet.

Consumers need to note that the WoundCare app enables in instantly calculating the depth and the surface region of the injury. Most importantly, this depth calculation is important for clinicians as they need to assess the risks that are likely for patients, identification of trends as well as for checking the healing procedures.

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