Development of Innovative Containment Techniques to Stimulate Growth of Geocells Market

Geocells Market

Increasing urbanization, construction sector and infrastructure development activities are likely to fuel the growth of geocells market in the forthcoming years. Developed countries have implemented regulations with regards to sustainable infrastructure development and erosion control. However, lack of awareness with regards to geocells among infrastructure developers in the emerging countries and increasing competition from alternate products such as geomembranes and geogrids are likely to restrain the growth of geocells market in the forthcoming years. Apart from this, there is rising usage of geocells with regards to water conservation projects. Key players and manufacturers are working towards development of light-weight and nano-fibre geocells.

A recent report anticipates that the geocells market will expand at a robust 8.8% CAGR during the forecast period, 2015-2025, to reach an evaluation of nearly US$ 2.9Bn by 2025-end. Companies namely Strata Systems Inc., Miakom Group of Companies, SABK International, Polyfabrics Australia Pty Ltd., Tencate Geosynthetics, Armtec Infrastructure Inc. and Wall Tag Pte Ltd. amongst others will witness a notable growth globally. Prominent companies are planning to focus on marketing strategies such as product innovations and increasing their product portfolio.

Strata Systems Inc. Launches First Ever Vertical Landfill In India

Strata Geosystems recently announced its accomplishment of first ever vertical landfill in India. The new facility is located in Vapi’s industrial town. Strata Systems Inc. has developed an innovative approach, which is inclusive of a collection of geosynthetic materials. These materials invented a containment system along with strengthened soil structure. Key players and manufacturers must note that this safe structure will help in generating extra space for storage purposes. The focal point is that this development, the vertical expansion was done without the usage of huge earth retaining structure.

Strata Geosystems is taking immense efforts in minimizing cost by advancing and innovating geotechnical offerings and developing an unconventional approach towards several aspects of increasing the landfill. Manufacturers can note that the traditional technique of covering landfills with the earth dykes need a larger base for the purpose of stability. The creative design by Strata Geosystems consists of reinforced soil structures representing containment. This leads to a smaller footprint along with facilities for building landfills vertically.

Development of StrataBlock™ & StrataGrid™ Geogrids for Vertical Landfill Expansion

Strata Geosystems had mentioned that the vertical expansion of landfill will be made possible with the development of StrataBlock™ & StrataGrid™ Geogrids modular formed concrete blocks without usage of voluminous earth absorbent structures. Apart from this, manufacturers must note that the containment was earlier completed with the help of conventional side slopes and earth embankments. However, in the new facility, the green look has been possible with the help of StrataWeb® geocells, which is positioned by tying with the StrataGrid™ geogrids.

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