Dairy Industry to Drive Production Sales of Chicory Roots

Chicory Roots Market

Increasing usage of chicory roots in the dairy industry for the purpose of formulation of yogurt, ice-cream and cheese is likely to contribute significantly towards rising production sales of chicory roots in the forthcoming years. Global demand for dairy products is expected to increase on a considerable basis, which in turn is influencing the manufacturers to proliferate their production capacity. Increasing per capita middle-class expenditure is also an important factor towards growth of global market for chicory roots.

Companies namely Sensus America Inc., SENTREX INGREDIENTS, LLC, Cargill, Incorporated, Chicory U.S.A., Jamnagar Chicory Industries, Bayn Europe AB, Runfuture (Xi’an) Co.,Ltd. and Frontier Natural Products Co-op. amongst others will witness a notable growth globally.

Sensus America Inc. Receives Non-GMO Project Certification for Its Chicory Root Fiber

Sensus America Inc. recently announced that it received approval for its chicory root fibers namely, Frutalose oligofructose and Frutafit inulin. These products are soluble dietary and prebiotic fibers that provide various functional and nutritional properties. It integrates highly researched advantages for the purpose of weight management and digestive wellness. Frutalose oligofructose and Frutafit inulin offer natural sweetness, which helps in reducing sugar from developing food products. Manufacturers must note that these ingredients help in increasing the fiber content as well as enhances the taste of the food.

Apart from this, there is increasing consumer demand and trend for the non-GMO food products which is expected to drive the growth of global market for chicory roots in the near future. Key players and manufacturers must take into account that Sensus America Inc. is taking immense efforts for expansion of its business by delivering highest quality ingredients.

Cargill, Incorporated Develops Ways to Manufacture Products with Lowest Sugar Content & Clean Label

Key players and manufacturers are to note that chicory root fiber namely Oliggo-Fiber by Cargill, Incorporated was developed for the purpose of helping food and beverage manufacturers in capitalizing on the important consumer trends. The product is basically a naturally sourced fructan that is an extraction of chicory root. Manufacturers must note that this product holds health benefits as well as several efficient product development benefits. Verifications were done in order to certify that this product developed by Cargill, Incorporated was an exclusively clean label friendly ingredient.

Apart from this, chicory root fiber plays a significant role in sugar reduction by acting as a clean bulking agent while eliminating sugar from a particular formulation. Chicory root fiber namely Oliggo-Fiber by Cargill, Incorporated is likely to observe usage in various applications by maintaining the particular food’s texture and taste. Moreover, Oliggo-Fiber can also be utilized as a substitute to flour. Key players and manufacturers must take into account that chicory root fiber helps in product advancement as well as in product innovation, thereby increasing consumer base for sugar reduced and clean label products.

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By Shambhu Nath Jha

Shambhu Nath Jha with an experience nearing a decade, has helped over 50 large and medium to small business enterprise to foray into new markets, increase footprint in the existing bucket and understand the nature of the beast. These beasts are the companies that have been primarily engaged in chemicals, material or packaging activities, and encountering challenge either in maintain P&L or staying ahead of their competitors. He has authored over 300 industry research papers consisting critical information such as market growth, total addressable market, serviceable addressable market, market size, forecast, player strategies, market share estimates and winning imperatives along with recommendations. He is also the pioneer of “three slope distributor/off-taker evaluation model” used by several multinational companies to track the performance of channel partners. A consultant by profession, writer by mood and explorer by desire, Shambhu Nath is currently employed with a London based market research and consulting firm as a full time consultant. A few of the industry verticals where he demonstrated his skill includes water and wastewater treatment chemicals, high purity alumina, water purifiers, activated carbon, chloramine filters, bio-based bioplastics, water purifiers, textile chemicals etc.

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