Connected Cars to Craft Lucrative Opportunities for Automotive TCU (telematics control unit) Market

Automotive TCU Market

To everyone’s knowledge, it is quite obvious that there is no single or simple formula, crystal ball or algorithm that can make certain why and when a customer would make a purchase. According to the current scenario, manufacturers and key players in the automobile industry are working towards developing a healthy connection between vehicles and people that exist as well as are emerging in the society. For the same reason, there is increasing demand for connected cars. The reason being, these cars offer superior comfort and safety to the passengers. Nowadays, the connected cars are integrated with the always-on links through Internet to the data centers as well as other infrastructure. But at the same time, these cars significant need higher levels of information processing capacity and reliability.

Importance of TCU in Connected Cars

Now, many of you might be aware that in the times when connected cars were introduced, there was implementation of a communication module, which was connected to mobile communications network and this technology was known as TCU (telematics control unit). However, since the recent past, significant advancements and innovations are observed with regards to service convenience and vehicle manufacturers installing telematics control unit in cars. They are mainly considered as a benchmark, which increases the production sales of connected cars.

We are very much aware that internet connections have turned out to be ordinary in existing as well as emerging vehicles. There is increasing penetration of infotainment services along with provision of limited methods of the remote vehicle operations. This is done by delivering commands to connected vehicles by means of a data center. Connected cars hold the potential for developing new business and value by means of analysis and recording in cloud system of the information that is collected from vehicles.

Existing as well as emerging key players are working on developing efficient TCUs, data center systems, ECUs and gateways, which help in forming Over-the-Air (OTA) solutions. These solutions benefit the customers in experiencing smart mobility, which leads to better connection between vehicles and public along with provision of comfort and safety. Many companies such as Hitachi amongst others are taking immense efforts in developing a wide-ranging onboard devices and center services for providing a platform for the connected cars. A recent study also identifies that increasing stringent emission control rules have contributed significantly towards production sales of automotive TCU (telematics control unit).

Every marketplace would have its own ups and downs to be faced and it must be considered way before hopping aboard. Shoot up brand’s voice in each communication with the customer and consistency is essential with regards to rules, offers as well as pricing policies, so that potential shoppers receive a transparent information.

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By Nikhil Kaitwade

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