New Facilities to Stimulate Production Sales of Food Encapsulation

Food Encapsulation Market

Increasing need for functional foods among the urban populace across the globe is likely to be the main factor driving the growth of food encapsulation market. Apart from this, there is growing demand for preservation of active and core material, thereby improving the product appeal for the consumers. Need for convenience foods and maintenance of flavor, color and taste is likely to increase the production sales of food encapsulation techniques.

Manufacturers and key players are working towards advancing and innovating food encapsulation techniques, which in turn is expected to facilitate well-ordered discharge of the active ingredients. Moreover, shifting consumer needs towards fortified foods as well as adoption of the niche applications is likely to fuel the market growth in the forthcoming years.

A recent report anticipates that the food encapsulation market will expand at a robust 9.4% CAGR during the forecast period, 2015-2020, to reach an evaluation of nearly US$ 5,464.6Mn by 2020-end. Companies namely Koninklijke DSMN.V. (ADR), Symrise AG, Sensient Technologies Corporation, Firmenich International SA, BASFSES/ADR, Givaudan SAADR and AVEKA Group amongst others will witness a notable growth globally. Prominent companies are planning to focus on marketing strategies such as product innovations and increasing their product portfolio. Apart from this, companies such as AnaBio Technologies Ltd. are also contributing significantly towards growth of food encapsulation market.

AnaBio Technologies Ltd. Introduces a New Facility in Ireland

AnaBio Technologies Ltd. recently announced that it has introduced an innovative facility in Carrigtwohill, Cork, Ireland. Key players and manufacturers must note that the company’s technological expertise in commercializing and developing natural food-grade micro-encapsulations have been patented for protection, stabilization as well as targeted discharge of sensitive ingredients.

Notable point is, the applications are inclusive of antibiotics, vaccines, enzymes, omega oils, nutraceuticals, sports supplements and probiotics. Emerging market players can plan of entering into partnership with AnaBio Technologies Ltd. in order to expand their business and consumer base.

AnaBio Technologies Ltd. Develops New Product for Weight Management & Glucose Regulation

AnaBio Technologies Ltd. recently informed about the development of a new product by the company, which underwent nearly six clinical trials. The new product is developed for the purpose of weight management and glucose regulation. The company is further planning to introduce another trademarked product, significantly impacting post-prandial blood glucose-levels.

Manufacturers can focus on the point that the newly developed product increases the insulin sensitivity, especially for the “at risk” and “normal” populace. Key players and manufacturers including the readers must focus on the most important point that the food encapsulation technique by AnaBio Technologies Ltd. helps in reducing hunger as well as food intake.

Apart from this, the company is planning to engage into research for understanding the potential for utilizing encapsulation, in order to deliver insulin orally, by means of partnership with other beneficial centers. The company is expecting to implement an enormous product portfolio within a year.

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