Emergence of New Players to Stimulate Exponential Growth of Market for Smart Water Bottle

Smart Water Bottle Market

Increasing consumer awareness with regards to health concerns and rising Per Capita IT expenditure is expected to drive the production sales of smart water bottles. The market is also expanding as a result of easy acceptance of advanced and innovative technology along with high purchasing power, especially in the developed regions.

Apart from this, superior customer experience along with growing disposable income are also factors influencing health conscious customers to increase the usage of smart water bottles. Advancement and innovation in sensor technology, innovative product offerings by suppliers as well as growing per capita GDP are some other drivers, positively impacting growth of the market for smart water bottle.

A recent report anticipates that the market for smart water bottle market will expand at an outstanding 27.5% CAGR during the forecast period, 2014-2020, to reach an evaluation of nearly US$ 10.7Mn by 2020-end. Companies namely Caktus Inc., HydraCoach and BluFit will witness a notable growth globally. Prominent companies are planning to focus on marketing strategies such as product innovations and increasing their product portfolio. Apart from this, companies such as LifeFuel are also contributing significantly towards growth of the market for smart water bottles.

LifeFuel to Launch Brand New Smart Water Bottles

According to the current scenario, increasing health conscious consumers are looking for smart water bottles, including the type of material that is used for developing the product. Key players and manufacturers are working towards integrating various functions in smart water bottles as the add-ons are likely to increase the adoption of smart water bottles in the forthcoming years. Emerging companies like LifeFuel are also working towards revolutionizing smart water bottles on a larger basis.

LifeFuel is planning to make innovative developments and launch smart water bottles soon. According to recent news, the company is planning to develop a smart water bottle that would enable insertion of pods. This will lead to enabling personalized mixes for supplying the consumer with various supplements or vitamins. Key players and manufacturers must note that LifeFuel is planning to develop smart water bottles, catering to the increasing needs and ways for consumers to consume their drinks. For instance, the new technique enables the consumer to consume breakfast diets like vitamin complex, post as well pre workout regimes, and during sleep as well.

Holistic Benefits & Features of LifeFuel’s Smart Water Bottle

The smart water bottle developed by LifeFuel integrates the usage of an app that is connected with smartphone of the user, in order to track various variables along with pair up facility with other wearables. Moreover, key players and manufacturers can plan to develop techniques and integrate them in their smart water bottles that can help in expansion of their business and increase their consumer base as well. Entering into mergers and acquisitions with LifeFuel can also be an ideal choice as the company is in the emerging state in the global market. These efforts can also help in advancements and innovations with regards to product offerings.

Moreover, LifeFuel is taking immense efforts in catering to the increasing needs of consumers, thereby implementing various strategies in order to buy their pods. Various companies are taking initiatives in utilizing their beverages with the integration of LifeFuel’s products. The main target according to the current scenario are the growing children as well as adults, reason being, increasing base of health conscious consumers.

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