Development of Cost-Efficient Alternatives to Significantly Hamper Growth of Automotive Pumps Market

Automotive Pumps Market

On the basis of current scenario, end-users have turned out to be price sensitive as well as are inclined towards vehicles that consist of superior comfort features, even at reasonable costs. Increasing need for efficient operations in automotive industry has been significantly driving the production sales of automotive pumps.

A recent report by the Future Market Insights expects a sluggish 3.8% CAGR growth of automotive pumps market during the projected period, 2015-2025. In addition, the automotive pumps market is expected to reach an evaluation of nearly US$ 64.7Bn by 2025-end. Developing effective automotive pumps for the end-users is likely to be an important trend, increasingly influencing growth of automotive pumps market. Besides, the study poses beneficial insights for growth of the automotive pumps market in the coming years.

Analysts who have been taking part in this report development have made sure that they are delivering valuable information with regards to expansion of automotive pumps market through 2025. Moreover, the analysts have also been catering to the rising concerns of industry contributors and market observers.

What are the manufacturers in the automotive pumps market doing for the expansion of the market?

Manufacturers are integrating advanced as well as innovative technologies into existing and emerging automotive. Apart from this, there is also increasing need for fuel-efficient automobiles, which in turn is influencing the manufacturers to integrate new and innovative fuel injection systems.

What according to you are the main factors contributing towards the growth of automotive pumps market?

Well, based on analysis, changing lifestyle and increasing urbanization has been significantly contributing towards growth of automotive industry, which in turn positively impacts the growth of automotive pumps market. Apart from this, stringent environmental regulations with regards to vehicles production are also contributing towards growth of the global market.

According to you what are the major factors restraining the growth of automotive pumps?

Well, based on analysis, increasing availability of the electric motors, which are regarded as substitutes to automotive pumps are expected to restrain growth of the global market. Technological advancements that has increased the rate of replacement rates have been reducing the demand for automotive pumps since the recent past.

What is trending in the automotive pumps market?

Based on analysis, there is increasing focus on the engine performance and manufacturers are keenly developing products complying with the strict regulations with regards to vehicular emissions.

What do you like to say about the regional landscape in automotive pumps market?

With regards to regional landscape, APEJ is likely to lead global market in near future. Apart from this, North America is anticipated to be a lucrative region with immense growth opportunities in the forthcoming years.

Can you mention some of the key players in automotive pumps market?

Certainly I can. Some of the important players in automotive pumps market profiled by the analysts have been inclusive of ZF TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., Pricol Ltd., KSPG AG, HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co., Concentric AB, WABCO Holdings, Inc. and Robert Bosch GmbH.

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