Innovative Automotive Exhaust System Features That Can Transform Your Driving Experience

For improved power and fuel efficiency, leading manufacturers are equipping vehicles with an automotive exhaust system to filter out the noxious fumes and burnt gases. As routing out the waste gas is becoming the “new normal” function of the automotive exhaust system, major manufacturers are focusing on incorporating multi-functional features in the exhaust system to magnetize the attention of potential customers. Leading manufacturers are focusing on developing automotive exhaust pipes with a “mandrel bent” that enables efficient airflow and lower resistance.

To sustain their lead in the competitive market, leading companies are focusing on leveraging technological advancements in the development of automotive exhaust system. Major manufacturers are concentrating on integrating multiple functions such as oxygen sensors, reducing the harmful gases to carbon dioxide and water vapor, and lowering the noise levels of exhaust to an acceptable level. Here are a few innovative features that the automotive manufacturers are focusing on incorporating in the vehicles to improve its performance and efficiency.

  1. Smart Catalytic Converter:

Before harmful gases are routed out of the emission control system, the catalytic converter uses a combination of precious metal and heat in order to promote a chemical reaction and transform the harmful pollutants into comparatively less harmful emissions. The smart catalytic converters operate in coordination with the Lambda sensors, which also helps in determining the amount of oxygen used by the vehicles. In addition, incorporation of the smart catalytic converters helps in combining on-board ammonia production, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), and NOx storage and functions in a dual-mode operation.

  1. Oxygen Sensors:

To ensure maximum fuel economy, major automotive companies are concentrating on accommodating oxygen sensors to monitor the amount of oxygen utilized by the vehicle that is present in the exhaust. This helps in ascertaining the amount of fuel that is required to be injected in order to maintain the correct proportion and improve the fuel economy. Automotive manufacturers are concentrating on installing these sensors around the exhaust pipes to improve the efficiency and performance of the vehicles.

  1. Muffler:

During the combustion process, the exhaust system tends to create unbearable noise. To lower the noise during the combustion process, leading automotive manufacturers are focusing on incorporating muffler in the vehicles. Incorporation of the mufflers in a range of vehicles helps in lowering the noise and vibration on the compression discharge lines. In order to offer prolonged and cost-effective services, major automotive manufacturers are concentrating on coating mufflers with corrosion resistant epoxy powder paint finish before accommodating it within the vehicles.

All in all, demand for the automotive exhaust systems is likely to remain concentrated in the automotive industry. In order to offer enhanced customer experience, leading companies are focusing on incorporating intelligent automotive exhaust systems. In addition, major automotive manufacturers are concentrating on equipping innovative features such as oxygen sensors, muffler, and smart catalytic converter to improve the performance and efficiency. Through product innovation and differentiation, leading manufacturers are focusing on pushing their position higher up on the business success ladder.

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