E-Cycles to Be an Emerging Trend Driving the Production Sales of Bicycle Components

Bicycle Components Market

Increasing pollution level has influenced the automotive industry manufacturers to develop eco-friendly transports for commuting. Mainly, governments and other ruling authorities have taken up efforts in implementing regulations with regards to pollution. Also, they are contributing towards increasing adoption of bicycles as public transport, which in turn is expected to expand growth of the global market. Apart from this, there is increasing usage of bicycles amongst the health-conscious consumers, which is likely to contribute significantly towards production sales of bicycles.

A recent report anticipates that the global market for bicycle components will expand at a moderate 4.3% CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2026, to touch an evaluation of over US$ 6,700Mn by 2026-end. Companies namely Hero cycles, SRAM Corporation, Specialised bicycle components, Campagnolo, Shimano, Inc, Accell Group N.V. and Avon Cycles Ltd. amongst others will observe a substantial growth worldwide. Leading companies are concentrating on marketing strategies such as product developments and expanding their product portfolio.

SRAM Corporation Launches New Durable Unified Bottom Bracket

SRAM Corporation launches new DUB for their mountain bike bottom brackets and bike cranks. This new durable unified bottom bracket increases the durability of bottom brackets and simplifies the lineup as well. Apart from this, the revamp of XX1 crankset has led to decrease in its weight by 80grams and is considered as the lightest choice in the market. The notable change is the 28.99mm spindle, meant for entire mountain bike cranks. The two 24mm and 30mm diameter spindles together with a series of the bottom bracket bearing capacities. The new DUB provides four bottom brackets and one spindle diameter, which helps in filling the entire existing frame standards.

The new durable unified bottom brackets contain more seals compared to standard models. This change is brought for keeping the contaminants such as dirt and water out from entering in the bearings. The advanced weather bearing has been changed to metal cups as they suit well on the press fit bottom bracket.

Hero Cycles Plans to Increase Emphasis on E-Cycles

Hero Cycles in India is planning to consolidate its existing electric pedal assisted bicycle (EPAC) series ‘Lectro’, from four to twenty products by end of the fiscal year. Immense efforts are taken by the company along with heavy investments in research and development for producing innovative series of products in India. Hero Cycles is also working on engaging into meetings with prominent technology giants in electric pedal assisted bicycle category.

Manufacturers can focus on the EPAC segment of the company as it has plans for expansion at an aggressive pace. Furthermore, leading commuter trends have declared that on an average basis, daily commuting distance covered by an Indian commuter is merely 0-15km. For the same reason, the usage of electric bicycles is highly recommended, as it is also available at an affordable price, which in turn can become the best practical choice for transport as well. Governments of several regions are also planning to provide subsidies for EPACs, which is expected to be the major change for the global population. However, Hero Cycles is expected to observe a tremendous growth in the forthcoming years as there is increasing demand from the youth for thrilling, convenient, safe and practical E-cycle for commuting purposes.

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