How is the Healthcare Sector in GCC Shaping for the Future?


Reportedly, the healthcare system spread across the GCC region are striving to keep up with the demographic, economy and epidemiological transitions that are happening in the region. A number of factors including upsurge in health risks associated with obesity, smoking and low physical activity couple with increasing urbanization have led to high rate of mortality and morbidity caused by lifestyle diseases.

Governments in the CGG countries are actively focusing on improving healthcare system to address the aforementioned issues. And is doing so, there have been massive investments made to enhance and upgrade medical facilities, clinics and hospitals. Many of the healthcare organization are introducing health insurance plans and seeking private sector interest in healthcare.  For instance, Saudi Arabia is planning to raise the private sector involvement if health care investment up to 35 per cent over the next three years. Many of the GCC members now have the opportunity to resolve the health care problems and establish a world-class systems for health care management as well as to acquire the implement the best technologies and resources available. In fact, GCC countries are already taking initiatives to do so. Excellence and novelty are the key focus in the process of development of the healthcare sector in the region.

The UAE seems to take it more seriously than the rest as it currently is at the forefront of such healthcare progression. It aims to establish a gold-standard health care system under the country’s national Agenda “UAE Vision 2021”. Owing to increase apprehension of these important health care objectives, the GCC countries are likely to exhibit healthy annual growth rates of their respective healthcare industries in the near future. With regards to increasing prevalence of chronic disorders and rising local healthcare needs, the overall healthcare system in GCC is anticipated to undergo a major transformation going forward.

However, to develop patient-centric and advanced healthcare delivery systems that is at per with the international standard as well as become one of the best in the world. GCC member are expected to remain keen on investing in healthcare and revamping their existing health care structures.

Certainly, integration of novel technologies will remain crucial to further development of health care system in GCC, as it is the foremost segment enabling the accomplishment of the envisaged project for healthcare in the region. As a matter of fact, ICT is seen as a tool that will help the region achieve its various health care goals.

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