Automotive Sector Continues To Be Lucrative For Global Silicon Anode Battery Market

Silicon Anode Battery Market

Silicon anode batteries are considered as advanced Li-ion batteries. Using silicon as anode in the batteries provides ten times more theoretical capacities than lithium-ion battery. The resultant is longer battery life and higher energy storage. Manufacturers are working on advancing graphite’s as replacing them with silicon will prove extremely beneficial for the market.

A recent report by Future Market Insights evaluates a herculean 20.8% CAGR growth of the global market for silicon anode battery, to reach a valuation of nearly US$ 982.6Mn by 2028-end. Developing efficient and valuable silicon anode battery for the end-users will be an important trend influencing the growth of market for silicon anode batteries in the coming years. The study further offers essential landscapes for the growth of global silicon anode battery market in the near future.

The analysts involved in the development of this report have provided essential insights on how global market for silicon anode battery will expand through 2028. In addition, analysts have answered to the key concerns of the industry shareholders and market viewers.

Where are silicon anode batteries used on a larger basis?

Well, this product is largely used as a power supply automotive and portable consumer electronics such as 3G cell phones, digital cameras, electric bicycles, etc. owing to their high energy density, long life span and high voltage.

According to the current scenario, what do you think can trigger the growth of the global market?

Electronic miniaturization such as development of thin-film batteries or micro-batteries for micro electro mechanical systems and implantable restorative devices will trigger the growth of the global market. Also, the current pace of electronic devices miniaturization will increase demand for silicon anode batteries in the forthcoming years. Rapidly increasing shipment of electronic appliances and devices is expected to be the key driver towards market growth.

What are the manufacturers doing for expansion of the global market?

The manufacturers in the global market are working on innovative product development, mergers and acquisitions and plant expansion.

What is the emerging trend that is influencing the battery market?

Well, as far as I know, the emerging and biggest trend at present is substituting graphite anode by silicon.

How are silicon anode batteries beneficial in the automotive sector?

In the automotive sector, silicon’s Nano-composite material in the lithium ion battery helps the end-user with significantly enhanced battery performance. Maximum usage however is in electric bicycles, hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Also, as we are aware, advanced features has always been in focus for manufacturers in the automotive sector.

What according to you is the main factor that can hamper the demand for silicon anode batteries?

Well, I have understood that bulging of the anode is the main factor that can weaken performance of the battery, which in turn can will reduce demand for the product as well. However, many universities and research labs are working on developing silicon anode batteries with the help of nanotechnology, resulting in improvement of battery performance.

Who are the key players in the global silicon anode battery market?

Our analysts have profiled Samsung SDI, Nanotek Instruments, Nexeon Limited, Enevate Corporation, BYD Company Limited, Connexx Corporation, Amprius Inc., OneD Material, ENOVIX, California Lithium battery Inc., Boston-Power, Inc., Zeptor Corporation, LG Chem Ltd., XG Sciences and Panasonic Corporation as the key players in the global market for silicon anode battery. By introducing innovative silicon anode battery, the key players are working towards acquiring a competitive position in the global market for silicon anode battery.

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