Key Insights on the Expansion of Aluminum Fluoride Market during 2017-2027

Aluminum Fluoride Market

Aluminum fluoride is an organic compound majorly utilized for the formulation of aluminum on the commercial level. The compound is available in solid form, in terms of physical appearance. The compound is odorless and colorless. Further, aluminum fluoride is denser than water and showcases high level of solubility with water. Future Market Insights has developed a report on global aluminum fluoride market over the assessment period (2017-2027).

What is your take on methods of preparation of Aluminum fluoride?

Aluminum fluoride can be generated and synthesized synthetically as well these are available in nature in the form of minerals such as rosenbergite and oskarssonite. Synthesis of aluminum fluoride can be carried out by the treatment of hydrogen fluoride gas with alumina at 700 oC. On the other hand, number of other procedures are utilized for the creation of Aluminum fluoride like decay of ammonium hexafluro aluminate as well as fluorosilicic acid, which is key constitutes utilized for the synthesis of LBD aluminum floride.

What are the applications of Aluminum Fluoride?

The compound is utilized in number of applications such as aluminum metal creation, glass manufacturing, and ceramic manufacturing as well as for the formulation of number of products. Aluminum fluoride are utilized for the creation of alumina during smelting procedure. Addition of these two components reduces melting point and increases electrolyte’s conductivity of sodium. Thereby, power consumption needed for formulation of alumina is decreases, further reducing overall production cost. In such a way zirconium fluoride mixed with aluminum fluoride produces a primary element for the fusion of fluorolaminate glasses.

Why do you think the global market for aluminum fluoride will witness significant expansion?

Aluminum is a vital part of different industries like automotive, aerospace and construction industries. The aforementioned industries witness huge expansion across the globe, thereby boosting the growth of aluminum for these. Further, deep research is being carried out to optimize the production procedure of aluminum with utilization of aluminum fluoride in a cost effective manner. Key manufacturers present in the value chain are focusing on expansion of their manufacturing facilities to increase production to ensure adequate supply.

What restraints are influencing growth of global aluminum fluoride market?

Owing to ample of manufacturing facility expansion by prominent manufacturers, there are possibilities of overflow of aluminum fluoride in the market. This is likely to create supply-demand gap and will lead to reduction of price of the final products derived by the use of aluminum fluoride. Additionally, lengthy contact during industrial fusion of aluminum fluoride can cause severe ill effects on human respiratory system.

Why do you think APAC region will remain leading in global aluminum fluoride market?

In terms of production as well as consumption of aluminum fluoride, Asia Pacific is estimated to remain at forefront in the global market. Increasing GDP and growing disposable income in India and China has enabled the growth of number of industries like automobiles, packaging, construction, aerospace and pharmaceuticals. Rising expansion of these industries is likely to demand for aluminum fluoride in APAC region.

What are the prominent players operating in the global market?

Boliden, Fluorsid, RUSAL, ICF, Jiaozuo Do-fluoride, Baiyin Zhongtian, Henan Weilai, Shaowu Huaxin are observed as leading players operating in the global market.

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