Innovations from Starkey, Oticon and Widex to Revolutionize Global Market for Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus Management Market

The American Tinnitus Association finds the prevalence of tinnitus across 50 million people in the US, and such estimates are reflective of the global scenario. While tinnitus remains an underlying hearing loss problem for most of the cases, its severity in several cases compel people to seek medical attention. New devices are being developed to capture the demand for tinnitus management at a global scale.

Market researcher, Future Market Insights, foresees the global market for tinnitus management to touch a valuation of US$ 2.7 billion by the end of 2025. In the coming years, devices offered by companies such as Starkey Hearing Technologies, Sivantos, GN Hearing, Neuromod Devices, Puretone, Oticon, Widex and Neuromonics will be prominently sold across the globe. Some of these companies have upgraded their products and extended their product lines, while others are awaiting the impending approval for their patented technologies in tinnitus management.

Starkey Technologies to Stay Abreast with Market Trends

While the company has recently made the news for the wrong reasons, Starkey Hearing Technologies Inc., continues to represent a prominent player in the global tinnitus management market. The privately-owned US-based company has recently faced trials of federal courts, leading to the conviction of its presidents for a fraud amounting to more than US$ 20 million. Regardless, the company continues to gain grounds in the global tinnitus management landscape with its revolutionary offerings such as:

  • Mutliflex Tinnitus Technology: a patent-pending technology that fine-tunes the stimulus of tinnitus relief sounds and enables superior flexibility
  • SoundPoint advantage: a tool for identifying sound preferences of the wearer and communicating them at the initial stage
  • Halo 2 for Tinnitus-suffering Music Lovers: hearing aids that can process sounds for music lovers suffering from tinnitus

Latest Additions to Oticon’s TinnitusSoundSupportTM Line

Oticon Inc. remains focused upon making hearings aids more convenient for tinnitus management. With an award-winning connectivity technology, the Oticon OpnTM hearing aids have spearheaded the marketplace since their launch in June 2017. The company upgraded its conventional hearing devices for tinnitus management by adding advantages such as a rechargeable battery, on-demand tinnitus management, and internet connectivity. Oticon’s BrainHearingTM technology powers these hearing aids by delivering an open sound experience. These devices improve the condition of tinnitus patients by extending their ability to manage multiple sounds in most challenging environments such as social gatherings, public venues and restaurants.

This latest offering from Oticon is an addition to its TinnitusSoundSupport product line that aims at providing relief to tinnitus patients by comforting their impairment with new technologies for managing multiple sounds. Providing a rechargeable battery with OpnTM hearing aids has been a key effort of Oticon towards sustainability, considering how the rechargeable battery can save hundreds of disposable batteries from being dumped in the environment.

Widex’ Tinnitus Management App

Denmark-based Widex A/S launched an integrated program for its patented ZEN technology in the mid-2017. The updated Widex Zen Therapy app provides support to tinnitus management & relief program of Widex hearing devices. The mobile application offers a range of sounds for managing the lifestyle of tinnitus patients. From soothing sounds for relaxation to noise-less audios for sleeping exercises, the application extends the efficiency of tinnitus treatment plans of clinicians. The company views this app as a key advancement in tinnitus management & relief programs implemented across the globe. The app also serves as a tool for clinicians to increase the patient base and practice.

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