Growing Demand for Luxury & Comfort in Automobiles to Drive Global Automotive Seat Heater Market during 2018–2028

Automotive Seat Heater Market

Across the globe, preference for luxury and premium vehicles has dramatically increased backed by reasons such as increasing disposable income, expansion of the middle class, increased purchase power, and changing lifestyles. Analysts at Future Market Insights have carried out through research to forecast global scenario of automotive seat heater market in terms of industry’s current status and future opportunities. According to the study, the global automotive seat heater market is projected to generate revenues of over US$ 1,678.9 Mn by the end of 2028.

Analysts associated with the development of this report have addressed some of the key concerns encompassing the future of the global automotive seat heater market.

According to you, what is the current size of the global automotive seat heater market?

An in-depth analysis by analysts at Future Market Insights has forecasted revenue generation of over US$ 922.6 Mn, by the end of 2018.

Have you considered the impact of growing electric vehicles (EV) sales while forecasting the future of automotive seat heaters?

Definitely. As we know all know about increasing adoption of electric vehicles by specific world regions, manufacturing of these vehicles has increased significantly. However, we are well aware that conventional fuel-based automotive are clearly dominating the automotive sales while electric vehicles currently share a limited domain of the global automotive market. Based on this scenario, demand for automotive seat heaters in the increased manufacturing of EVs is likely to grow.

According to your analysis, can you name prominent stakeholders of the global automotive seat heater market?

Well, our analysis has observed that there is intense competition among prominent manufacturers as they exist in limited numbers. Few of the prominent manufacturers of the global automotive seat heater market according to our study are the Continental AG, Panasonic Corporation, Gentherm Incorporated, Kongsberg Automotive, II-VI Incorporated, and I.G.Bauerhin GmbH, among others.

Does your analysis include prevalence of automotive seat heater technology in all automobile design across the automotive industry?

Yes. We are well aware of increasing importance and penetration of comfort in designs of new automotive. Along with luxury vehicles, seat heater technology is now installed in an array of vehicles including passenger cars, commercial heavy and light vehicles, construction and agricultural vehicles as well as premium two-wheelers.

Do you think that demand for seat heaters will increase in colder regions of the world?

Well yes. That seems logical, too. Automotives in the colder regions have efficient heating systems that maintain the internal hospitable environment for passengers. Development of seat heating technology has gained traction as it enhances the comforting experience and delivers several other comforting features including localized heating points, premium fabric, and many other features.

What’s your take on the global automotive seat heater market, according to your analysis?

The global automotive seat heater market is dominated by limited prominent providers of seat heater technology. Owing to the presence of internally integrated as well as external heating systems, several OEMs and small manufacturers have emerged. While OEMs are primarily catering the increased demand, the market is witnessing emergence of small manufacturers primarily based out of Asia Pacific, who deliver their products in independent aftermarket.

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