Increasing Demand from IT-Based Multi-National Companies Will Generate Heavy Revenues for the Global Video Walls Market

Video Walls Market

Execution of special setups along with technology turning out to be ubiquitous is increasing the demand for video walls. Technology giants are also focusing on R&D with financial support, even from government, which helps in expanding the customer base. There is increasing need for large screen video walls along with an array of monitors, especially in concerts, conference halls and newsrooms. The forecast study by Future Market Insights projects that the global video walls market will reach an estimation of nearly US$ 13,966 Mn by 2027-end.

Our analysts who are a part of report development are sharing key insights based on how the video walls market will be witnessed in the forecast period.

What’s your stance on the expansion and growth of video walls market, globally?

The global market for video walls is significantly burgeoning against the speed at which, market that are IT-based are expanding today. I firmly believe that the scope of video walls, regardless of screen size, will turn more robust with increasing presentation and advertising needs by various existing as well as emerging organizations. However, based on the study, the global video walls market is expected to observe robust growth by exhibiting 14.1% CAGR.

Where is the maximum usage of video walls taking place? Any opportunities likely for manufacturers?

The progressing digital age along with penetration of new technologies is compelling the manufacturers to create products in a way that it meets increasing consumer demands. The most usage of video walls is in mass gatherings and advertisement applications. Large screens holding high resolution and brightness are attracting the customers and increasing adoption which in turn is creating opportunities for the manufacturers. Such screens also offer wide-ranging options for customers with regards to presentations.

How is incorporation of IT technologies fuelling the global market growth?

Technological advancements helps the video walls to enhance their performance and hold flexible qualities. Advancement in technologies of video walls will help the customers to drive their interest towards the product which in turn will reap higher revenues.

How about enlisting prominent companies in the global video walls market?

Well, our analysts haven’t ranked the stakeholders based on competition. However, the prominent companies in the global video walls market are Samsung Electronics, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Panasonic Corporation, NEC Display Solutions, Barco, Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc., LG Electronics and Leyard amongst others.

On what basis can you say that North America observes the maximum usage of video walls?

As everyone is aware, US is at the forefront of technological adoption. Rapid developments with regards to TV display industry, led to introduction of various new display technologies. These technologies will continue to emerge, due to which, video walls market in North America is also anticipated to experience substantial growth. Developments like cost-effective products and enhanced performance is bolstering the growth of region’s market.

Apart from North America, which regions are likely to be lucrative for the global market in the forthcoming years? Justify your answer in short.

According to the in-depth analysis, we are of the viewpoint that Western Europe & China can prove to be lucrative for the global market. Western Europe is observing continual technological developments in consumer electronics sector which has led to an increased adoption of video walls in the region. The Chinese government increases the usage of video walls for numerous applications such as conference rooms and stadiums and this move is likely to create robust growth opportunities for China’s video walls market.

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